Vodianova came to the defense of the sisters after the attacks of the comic

Водянова встала на защиту сестры после нападок комика The supermodel is outraged by the attitude of the artist to the relative. Natalia Vodianova cannot ignore the position of the American comic to those who have some features of development. She wants the actor made a public apology for his controversial monologue.

      Водянова встала на защиту сестры после нападок комика

      The world level supermodel Natalia Vodianova has long been known as the President of the charity Fund “Naked heart”, which helps families with older special kids. The fact that celebrity not familiar with the problems that arise in families raising children with some deviations, because the sister model and philanthropist Oksana suffers from cerebral palsy and autism. That’s why Natalia acutely perceives all that concerns the attitude of the society towards people with disabilities. She could not leave without attention the performance of the American comedian, who made quite a controversial monologue in which he ridiculed his own sister with health problems.

      The supermodel was outraged to the depths of such a behavior of the actor, ridiculed his cousin.

      “I have a bubbling and boiling inside from this wild injustice that has happened to me several times in my life. In recent times this has led to the establishment of a Foundation for children “Naked heart”. I have to share with you on this and hope to enlist your support. The fact is that comedian Harry Owen delivered a monologue about his cousin with special needs, talking about how he was shocked to learn that she had with someone in a sexual relationship. He mockingly describes how he imagines, grunts, makes sounds, just mocks his cousin and over all people with disabilities in General recounted his alleged years of volunteering for the organization Special Olympics”, – said Vodianova in the microblog.
      Водянова встала на защиту сестры после нападок комика

      In order to force American comedian Owen to realize that by his actions, he offends all those who have any specifics in development, Natalia even offered to sign a petition to force the actor to apologize publicly. She believes that such behavior discriminary and humiliates those who are not able to fend for themselves.

      Mom Natalia Vodianova told about the first great successes of the sick daughter

      “I believe you will understand my pain, the pain sisters beautiful young girls with special needs – my Oksana, and with it the pain of thousands of families who are still being subjected to public indignities in our country and around the world, thanks to people like Mr. Owen,” wrote Natalia.

      Five years ago, the star of the catwalk was opened in his native city, Nizhny Novgorod Center for curative pedagogics and social adaptation for children and youth with mental and combined disabilities, such as down syndrome and autism.

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