Vladislav Tretiak secretly feast concluded

Владислав Третьяк тайно устраивал праздники заключенным A close friend of the sports legends told to “StarHit” about the adventures of a comrade. On the eve of the 65th anniversary of Vladislav Tretiak, which he celebrates today, Lev Leshchenko shared a fascinating story from the past. This case is surrounded by a hockey player is remembered to this day.
Владислав Третьяк тайно устраивал праздники заключенным

In the 80s, the Soviet Union ranked fifth in the world in terms of crime. Every day, hundreds of policemen were on duty in the streets – catching offenders. Most of the detainees were sent to prison. The visiting hours of the places of confinement were strict: a time for meetings of prisoners with their relatives were strictly limited, the transfer of the products only after checking with your dog… In America, the same rules of examination and meetings with prisoners was easier. Become a guest of the prison could be anyone, the guards sometimes conducted tours.

One of them visited the Soviet hockey player Vladislav Tretiak, who on 25 April celebrates 65th anniversary. His friends still wonder how he was able not only to find a common language with prisoners, but also secretly looking to smuggle them alcohol. Of courage and cunning Tretiak recalls his close friend, singer Lev Leshchenko.

“Vlad’ve been friends for over 40 years, says “StarHit” lion of Valerjanovich. – I’m a fan of hockey, from the first day of Dating found a common language. In 1983, flew him to America for the competition. Always have come to his game to support. With the team went Vova Vinokur and the Minister of sport Sergei Pavlov. Already in place, we checked into a hotel near the stadium.

Vlad and his teammates came into the room to literally sleep, was lost in training. Once he ran into our room saying, “let Me go for a couple of hours. There is a proposal to go to prison for a tour!” We, without thinking twice, agreed. Had seen American movies, where prisoners in orange uniform roam the corridors, and carrying trays of delicious food. That was interesting or not. Gathered quickly, threw on my jacket and went. The prison was located a few miles away. The host party organized a bus.
Владислав Третьяк тайно устраивал праздники заключенным

On arrival near the correctional facility we were met by guards. Armed with batons, they made a mixed impression. Like men and instilled a sense of security and safety, but the internal feeling prompted that it has some dupes. At the entrance to the prison was the metal detectors. The first went to Tretiak. He took off his outer clothing, put in standing next to the basket, threw the wallet and the room keys. We followed his example. Dressed, the guards handed us the passes. After a led to show the grounds and building.

“And with the prisoners you can talk?” – asked Tretiak one of the guards. “Yes, they have an hour lunch starts. There and socialize as much as you want”. Apparently, they were amused by our curiosity. In anticipation of the meal made up this joke. On the chair, where he decided to rest Tretiak, you need to hang a sign with a photo “Here was a star Soviet sport”. Let them know of Russian heroes even abroad! Finally we were taken into the dining room. All convicts – like in the American movies: the orange uniform, full of tattoos all over her body.

“Your table with those thugs!” said the guard to us with Tretiak and pointed to the center of the room. We got on the distribution of the local cuisine and went to the specified table. The persons sitting behind him the prisoners was clear: we’re not happy. “Bon appetite!” Tretyak said and began to eat. Those silent. We sat in stunned silence, afraid superfluous word say. But Vlad insisted, was eager to meet the locals.
Владислав Третьяк тайно устраивал праздники заключенным

“You want to treat you to a real Russian drink? You never tried!” – continues to communicate Tretiak. Their faces flashed interest. “Vlad, what are you talking about?” – I was indignant. – “And you all say! Give me the glasses!” – interrupted me a hockey player, took from his inside pocket a flask and set it on the table.

“Get off her! We are now thrown out by the scruff!” – nervous winokur. “Don’t worry, I’m already on the sides looked!” I Tretiak. In a second began pouring everyone’s drinks the contents of the vessel. Then he remembered that the guards inspected the coat Tretiak, which he put in the basket next to the metal detector. – “What’s that?” – sipping, muttered one of the criminals in the direction of Vlad. “Our traditional! Drink!” – said Tretiak. – “But what about the toast? For acquaintance, comrades!” – I supported the other. We quietly clinked glasses and took a SIP: to drink in zagranpoezdki we were not, after all, we represented the country well, and Tretiak especially mode! I was picking up the glasses, talking.

We learned that our new friends sitting at robbing banks. Serving a sentence for the tenth time. Someone waiting at home his wife and children, someone left a couple months before release. But was frightened at the thought of how to begin life with a clean slate. “Dear guests of the prison! Remove the cookware, your tour comes to an end,” was heard in the speaker.

In the queue to the sink we were approached by one of the prisoners. “Thank you for the holiday! Here, strong drink is hard” – she handed it to me and Tretiak’s hand. We told each other a few words of thanks and headed for the exit from prison. “Well, it didn’t hurt you our local?” – asked sarcastically guard at the rusty metal detectors. “Great video you guys!” he answered, Tretiak, buttoned up coat and went to the bus.”