Владимир Жириновский замолвил слово за внебрачного сына Oleg Edelstein stood at the head of the liberal democratic party. The man is running for the local Parliament of North Ossetia. Vladimir Zhirinovsky in an address to the electors formally named 31-year-old politician as his heir.
Владимир Жириновский замолвил слово за внебрачного сына

According to official figures, the leader of fraction of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky have one son, Igor Lebedev. However, he accepts two more children who were born out of wedlock – Gazdarov Oleg and Anastasia Petrova. Recently an MP spoke about the fact that his successor starts his political career. During one of his speeches in Northern Ossetia he presented a new candidate, which is nominated in the local Parliament from the regional branch of the liberal democratic party of Russia.

“Start building a new life in a new Ossetia, and for this we need to maintain a list of the liberal democratic party, at the head of this list is Oleg Vladimirovich Edelstein. You probably know that it has to do with me — my son, I’m the only one of the leaders of the party, who intermarried with your Republic”, – said Zhirinovsky.
Владимир Жириновский замолвил слово за внебрачного сына

31-year-old aspiring politician took the surname of his grandfather, biological father Zhirinovsky – wolf of Edelstein. Vladimir Zhirinovsky was raised by a stepfather.

Oleg Edelstein actively preparing for the elections that will take place on 10 September this year. He meets with voters and talks about himself. According to him, when he graduated from the 11th grade of high school, he moved to Moscow. The young politician admitted that now he would have reacted differently to their own education.

Владимир Жириновский замолвил слово за внебрачного сына“Not the best University, a former Polytechnic, two years graduated. And three years later he graduated from the Diplomatic Academy. Can’t say I’m a genius and a Prodigy, absolutely not”, – said the facts of the biography of the son of Zhirinovsky on the air local channel.
Владимир Жириновский замолвил слово за внебрачного сына

It is known that six years ago a man married. Rumor has it that Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s paying for the wedding, but was unable to honor young with his presence.

The eldest son of Zhirinovsky Igor took his mother’s surname – Lebedev. The man also builds a political career – he is the Deputy of the State Duma. Vladimir Zhirinovsky is so confident in the heir, which last year named him one of the possible candidates in the presidential elections to be held in 2018.

As it became known edition of Life, Vladimir Zhirinovsky met with Jeanne Gundarevoj in Cuba. Despite the fact that they had a common son Oleg, family life, the couple did not work out.