Vladimir Zeldin was a blood relative

У Владимира Зельдина нашелся кровный родственник
The fight over the estate of the famous artist came to his great-nephew.

Vladimir Zeldin

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The property of Vladimir Zeldin, who retired at the end of October 2016, still remained without a legitimate heir. It
happened because the wife of the artist Yvette E. died three
months after the death of her husband, and the children the couple never had. Inheritance claim
Vladimir Boyarsky — the brother of the wife Zeldin. However, according to Starhit.ru to fight for the apartment in the center of Moscow
and saving the pair was joined by a great-nephew of the actor — Igor.

“From the documents he had only a passport, told
the publication of the advocate men, Vladimir Komsolev. But to establish related
relations this is not enough, Igor is not a direct heir. We’ve made inquiries to the archives,
to prove blood relationship. To every request the response was received strictly in
written on the paper, and could go for weeks. First, we set
the relationship of Igor and Vladimir, and then documented it fixed.
Now filed all the necessary documents in court to claim
the inheritance”.

Vladimir Mikhailovich was a family three times. First marriage to actress Lyudmila Martynova, only lasted a year — from 1939 to 1940. After the divorce the ex-wife went to Yalta, and in 1941 he died a son of the couple. With the second civil wife, theatre actress Henrietta Ostrovsky, Zeldin played “dance Teacher”. According to the actor, his relationship with his wife at first was strange: Henrietta settled in the hotel room which filmed her theatre, and Vladimir — in the theatre. Then artists began to live together in the big room of the basement with his son Ostrovskaya from a previous marriage and her mom. In addition, in this room lived a dozen actors. Over time, family life is normal, but after 15 years, the couple still broke up. Family happiness Vladimir Zeldin found only in marriage with Yvette Kapralova, who was an expert of the Bureau of propaganda cinema in the Union of cinematographers and more than once helped Vladimir Mikhailovich in theatrical activities: organized concerts, making clips from movies that the actor could display them at meetings with the audience.