Vladimir yepifantsev shakes her body for sex

Владимир Епифанцев качает тело ради секса The actor warns that it is better not to repeat his experience. Vladimir yepifantsev, known not only bright roles, but also provocative account on Instagram, afraid to lose attractiveness in the eyes of women.

      Actor Vladimir Epifantsev known to viewers as brutal action hero and intelligence officer. His roles in the films “Brothers”, “Fierce”, “Flint” speak for themselves. It is not surprising that the artist has a lot of fans who are not confused by the fact that he has a wife Anastasiya Vedenskaya and sons, Gordey and Orfey.

      However, Epifantsev flattered by the attention of the opposite sex. In order to 45 years of age remain sexually attractive the actor is working hard. He actively trains in the gym and carefully monitoring diet. The physical form of the actor can only envy.

      “I’m concerned about the culture of the body. Particularly because of my age it is very important to me because I don’t want to lose their youthful energy. I love sex, and I want to be sexually attractive. And again, for profession, for film work I’m trying to keep the shape. But following his method I would not recommend to anyone. Through trial and error I chose a sparing system, come to which is not so easy, and have to work under the supervision of a specialist,” – says Vladimir.

      Interestingly, Epifantsev believes himself to be a very open person. In his microblog, which has about 50 thousand users, Vladimir publishes not only the happy moments of family life, but also provocative commercials that often cause convictions of followers. So, the actor can remove their minor sons with weapons in their hands or to capture on video the strangers, who supposedly composed it in a romantic relationship. However, talking about the sensual sphere, Epifantsev does not hide that sex means something to him.

      “For me, sex is a broader concept. This possibility of transcendence, meditation, some kind of aesthetic ritual. For me love and sex is all together, it is necessary to define some other word, but I don’t know how. And I have no desire to know him. Words are generally unnecessary element in communication. I’m so with women usually meet. I hate verbal foreplay. I touch them, just grab the hand. May not know for a few days, what’s your name girl. And this is the most fantastic sexual contact,” says the actor in an interview “Womanhit.ru”.