Владимир Епифанцев жестко ответил на обвинения супруги The actor spoke about the relationship with Anastasiya vedenskaya. The woman gave a Frank interview to one of editions, which explained that he really wants to dissolve the marriage with Vladimir. “StarHit” learned, what action will take the man in this situation.
Владимир Епифанцев жестко ответил на обвинения супруги

On the eve of the Network appeared in a candid interview with Anastasiya vedenskaya, wife of Vladimir Epifantsev. The actress explained why she broke up their family, and also noted that the husband was acting peculiar lately. According to lady celebrity, she wants to get a monthly allowance from him to have children. The woman would insist on divorce. “StarHit” associated with movie star to find out how is his life after breaking up with fiancee.

The wife of Vladimir Epifantsev requires a regular payment

“I live in your world. Haven’t seen her interview. Don’t know what the woman said. She is very beautiful, smart and talented. I don’t care about. If we talk about divorce, I will say this – everyone has bad thoughts. I don’t understand, I’m not interested that interested ordinary people,” explained actor “StarHit”.

According to Epifantsev, many people can not perceive the other differently than they were taught by their parents. Star believes that children initially brought up incorrectly, so they see only the bad. Vladimir explained, what advice give sons, Gordey and Orfey.

“Do as you want, do what you want. Listen to the body and not use your head. They, of course, hard, because in school everything is different. I would not go there gave them. But she is a good woman, she was afraid. And I always sat at the last Desk and painted,” explained Epifantsev.

Recently, Vladimir regained access to the accounts in social networks. According to celebrity, it cost him two thousand dollars. “Social media is a good platform for quick installation. I’m out there doing their andegraudnym rollers. All of these resources I use for training. The same thing happened with the participation in the “million dollar Secret” and acting training. I’m not in this life. Wanted to portray something different. All were silent. But I’m a cynical bastard. Do not put people in anything”, – said the actor.

Movie star believes that many members of society perceive what is happening around you too seriously, “wise”, but really it’s simple.

“Most people are corpses, they can, of course, to revive, but it’s hard. I look at them as children. The basic position of adults is to stay in childhood, they are a lot of wind, but the brain, they are still there. I grew up, but then decided to go back down,” explained Epifantsev.