Vladimir yepifantsev met adventurers

Владимир Епифанцев познакомился с авантюристами
The actor spoke about the “Survival” of our time.

Vladimir Yepifantsev

Photo: Press service

Vladimir Yepifantsev
the last time was in frequent contact with these adventurers, dared to
extreme things. The actor is the lead of the documentary project “in
cinema” where tells stories of real people whose lives amazing
similar to the fate of the famous movie stars.

The new software release will tell you the real Robison,
managed to survive in incredible conditions of savage and desert Islands. ”
childhood I was very fond of Robinson Crusoe. I thought he was a real hero, —
says the artist. Sometimes I think, if I could live for years alone in the wild
conditions? To be honest, I don’t know… But our heroes did it! The Real Robinson! With
all of our heroes happened “Like a movie” — they were saved”.

Epifantsev find out how to businessman Sergey Ananov’s after the helicopter crash
managed to survive on the ice without food, water and in the company of polar bears. And
tells the story of Russian Pomors, who was stranded on an island of the archipelago
Svalbard long 6 years and three months in a constant struggle for life. But if Robinson Crusoe, Sergey Ananov and Pomerania to
this adventure took a tragic accident, the heroine of “film-Like”
Lucy Irvine settled on the uninhabited island on their own. On the set of the program, she admitted that then don’t
realized how close was to the death.

Documentary series
“Like a movie” is a wonderful adventure that viewers will be able to survive
together with participants in the events, experts believe that each
man is capable of the feat.