Vladimir yepifantsev has spoken out about impending fatherhood

Владимир Епифанцев высказался о предстоящем отцовстве Media reported that the young beloved artist Julia may pregnant. Yepifantsev was married twice. He already has children, the first son of Gordey was born in 2005, and the second Orpheus in 2008.
Владимир Епифанцев высказался о предстоящем отцовстве

A 46-year-old Vladimir Epifantsev older two sons from ex-wife, actress Anastasiya vedenskaya. The couple stopped about three years ago, the actress gave birth to the man two sons, Gordey and Orfey. According to the star father, he is very proud of the children, though, and meets with them often.

It should be noted that Epifantsev rarely advertise privacy. His novels sometimes become public. Recently on Instagram of the actor there were pictures with a mysterious stranger. How did you find the journalists, the new darling of the Vladimir became a 24-year-old graduate of the Agricultural Academy Julia Semenova. According to some, she is the first daughter of the famous artist. While the pair is not legalized relationship, together they are a creative, fans often write flattering comments about lovers. Comments in the “StarHit” yepifantsev said, how actually things stand in his household.

“Fiction. I don’t see anything interesting for people. This is meaningless information,” – said the actor.
Владимир Епифанцев высказался о предстоящем отцовстве

About past relationships with actress vedenskaya Vladimir tried to speak to the press. However, the woman stated that it intends to divorce him officially. According to her, they broke up almost two years ago. Despite the fact that the artists lived together for 11 years and are raising two sons, She wants to start life with a clean slate. However, Epifantsev rather abruptly told reporters about the collapse of the family.

“My wife is a good person. I see no reason to talk about it. Around there are so many interesting things that can attract attention, and not my family relationships,” – said “StarHit” Vladimir.

Vedenskaya admitted that it was very difficult to live with the actor. Joint life with him, according to Anastasia, bringing her only pain and disappointment. According to her, she decided to end it all and dared to leave her husband. Moreover, she was tired of constant nervousness wife – he could not cope with their own emotions.

We will remind, Vladimir and Anastasia was found on examination in theatre school – Vladimir was a member of the selection Committee, and therefore could not fail to mention the talent and charm of the young actress. Despite the difference in 13 years, broke out between them the novel, followed by a wedding. And soon the birth of sons. But they failed to preserve the Union. Vladimir yepifantsev said about divorce