Vladimir yepifantsev fighting off anxious fans

Владимир Епифанцев отбивается от озабоченных поклонниц Actor and TV host takes provocative commercials for one of the social networks. In a recent interview with journalists Vladimir yepifantsev explained why decided to develop “Instagram”, and also complained of persistent fans.
Владимир Епифанцев отбивается от озабоченных поклонниц

Vladimir yepifantsev is one of the most colorful and controversial characters of domestic show-business. The man not only in films, but also conducts documentary series “Like a movie” on channel NTV, and posts provocative videos in Instagram, which is followed by about 60 thousand people. In their video Epifantsev explores the relationship between men and women, and also shows half-naked girls appeared in relaxed poses.

Vladimir gave an interview in which he spoke about why he decided to shoot videos for social networks and complained of increased interest from fans.

“It seemed to me that I can become popular on Instagram and to engage with the acting profession. I’m such a naive child,” said the artist.
Владимир Епифанцев отбивается от озабоченных поклонниц

Recent video epifantseva United by a common cycle. The lyrical hero is in a constant state of search. According to the man, he first filmed stories for “Instagram” and then imperceptibly was involved in this process. Vladimir interested in working on a video to find the answers to his questions. His works the artist calls the Odyssey.

Владимир Епифанцев отбивается от озабоченных поклонниц“The genre is changing – it is such an almost divine Comedy, the serious crime drama, psychological drama, very thin, associated with a very important things that people – especially young people – want to know. For example, how to meet a girl is the most urgent”, – says the man.
Владимир Епифанцев отбивается от озабоченных поклонниц

During the conversation with the correspondent Vladimir complained that his creations are very often misunderstood. This is especially true of the fairer sex who admire the work of the actor. According to Epifantsev, he was tired from the signs of attention from the fans.

“The problem with girls is that, considering themselves not deaf and not blind, they want to communicate with me. And even intend to meet. I hope I don’t need to explain that the hundreds, or even thousands of girls who write me create an image that can not even pronounce the set of nasty words that are used to classify my psycho,” said the actor.

Vladimir said that he tries to avoid such women, who are eager to see him. The artist prefers to deny the fans their requests. According to Epifantsev, girls often “yell” even after he expresses his desire to stop communicating. However, the statements of the fans would make Vladimir to change his mind. “These Chicks I do not need”, – quotes the man Lenta.ru.