Владимир Яглыч влюбился в девушку-байкера
The actor said, why come to the shooting on a motorcycle.

Vladimir Yaglych

Vladimir Yaglych fell in love with a girl with a very unusual hobby. Beauty
long and completely passionate about motorcycles and is an avid biker. Below
to Woo his beloved, the actor has also decided to change “iron
horse.” However, all this is happening with Vladimir not in life, and in the new season
series “Junior. Adult life”, where he plays the role of Ruslan Zhdanov. In
reality, the artist long rides solely on the motorcycle, unless, of course,
weather conditions permit.

“The motorcycle firmly
took place in my life, says the Aglic. — It all started in childhood, when I
started collecting stickers with “Indian”, “Harleys” and “amagami”. Now the bike —
this is a favorite hobby and a tool that helps to avoid traffic jams and time
to come to the shooting”. To remember his old hobby-managed and Alexander
Sokolovsky. In one episode his hero, coach Egor Shchukin — participates in
large-scale dance shows. Actor since childhood engaged in dances, invented
for filming, the room still caused him difficulties.

“In my free time I visit dance
master classes — shared the actor. — However, a room in the “Junior” was
so complicated that for me it was another challenge. Only the saved,
my hero — still a hockey player, and he couldn’t dance as cool as
a professional dancer”. The continuation of a favorite TV sports drama
starts in mid-January. Fans of the hit STS are waiting for spectacular battles on
ice, the dance floor and the ring, racing motorcycles and of course new turns in life
favorite characters performed by Vladimir Yaglych, Denis Nikiforov, Sergey
Gorobchenko and other stars.