Владимир Высоцкий мечтал уехать в Америку
About it for the first time told his old friend.

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“Volodya I met before he came to “Taganka”, he
was a student of the School-Studio of Moscow art theatre, ” recalls friend and administrator of Vladimir Vysotsky, Emma, Dinnerstein. “I’ve been in an artistic café opposite
The art theatre. Students ran in there in between
classes. They said, “to drink coffee”. Honestly, a large
experience Vysotsky on me then not made. Small in stature, with a mean
— a regular guy… I started my “career” the head of the club and
prepared in DC at University Young —
young: theater students did the program for
students-techies. And Volodya agreed to speak to them — just
9 rubles 80 kopecks”.

Thus began a collaboration that spanned twenty
years. Emma Vysotsky told about things normally preferred not to spread. In particular, he shared his dreams of going to America.

“Vysotsky got this idea when his life began a black stripe,” continues Emma. At that time, he though himself tired. It was obvious he was scared
tired. And health no longer exists. In the theatre it is not something
to not love, but jealous, of course. There is still need to understand
that he increasingly had to take time off for shooting on the trip
the border to the concerts. And somehow created this
the situation is that in January, 80-year Volodya wrote a statement about the creative
on vacation” for a year, which Lyubimov immediately picked up and signed… In Moscow
there was a rumor that the bard left the “Taganka”. I think Volodya all this very seriously
was given: the theatre he adored. And then there was a terrible accident and he miraculously survived…It was at that moment he
the idea to leave on half a year” to live in America.”

Vysotsky gave several concerts in America, which had among our emigrants
a great success.

“Volodya received for each performance three
thousands of dollars! — says Emma. — One week in America, he earned more than
all my life here. In addition, he took on new York like a
the fabulous city of the XXI century, admired, dreamed about it. Said that going
there, change the situation, will recover, because the doctors there are very good… But, unfortunately, was not able…”

The full interview can be read here.

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