Владимир Вишневский показал подросшую дочку
The poet shares his daily lifetime.

Владимир Вишневский показал подросшую дочку

Vladimir Vishnevsky with her daughter Vlada

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Vladimir Vishnevsky meet the New 2018 in the company of his wife Tatiana and daughter Vlada — the girl in the past year went to first class and happy parents the success of learning. And in the creative life of a new phase for the poet was the creation of the author’s program “Vain
the words” who daily goes on the channel “Sarafan”. At the moment aired 50 stories-Lithgow.

Vladimir Vishnevsky

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

cross-program project originates from my
books “Know the house” and his eponymous workshop
optimization and “depenalization” daily communication, — said Wisniewski. — The main message of the project is: “Personally, You are worthy – perhaps like no, own
unpredictable, and therefore, effective wit. And how much
in life, everything else is fixable on the words unique
the Russian language..”

Tips “from
Vishnevsky” found original telefophone: stories and staged
played with the participation of artists. “My ligaki it’s like a one-two
phrases to deploy in almost any situation to their advantage — smiling poet. For example, how to effectively
“complimentarity” woman, how to get
with the request (including the bosses) without a feeling of depression, how to reflect
someone’s rudeness and not lose face, as not to corny jokes and how to create
around a normal human atmosphere…”