Vladimir Vishnevsky gave his daughter to the mysterious class of “K”

Владимир Вишневский отдал дочь в загадочный класс «К»
The poet joined the parent Union.

Владимир Вишневский отдал дочь в загадочный класс «К»

Vladimir Vishnevsky with his wife Tatiana and daughter Vlada

Photo: V. Vishnevsky Predostavlena

The poet Vladimir Vishnevsky took her daughter to Vlad in the first class. And the girl has already completed its first homework assignment: she prepared a poem read at a school meeting. “The poems were not mine — shared with Wisniewski 7days.ru. — Vlad generally very shy girl and never advertise who her dad…

At the time I graduated from the pedagogical Institute. But I had no idea that in today’s school waiting for me so many new things. For example, I had no idea that the school may have a four-digit number, and the first class may be with a mysterious letter “K” (my childhood was only “A” and “B” and I have always been a “besnica”). And still amazed that now parents, especially moms, create their own chat rooms! Me too, he was attracted to and I, therefore, entered into a parental Union!

Vladimir Vishnevsky with her daughter Vlada

Photo: V. Vishnevsky Predostavlena

The school that went to Vlad, her familiar: daughter went here in kindergarten. This school has a high rating among schools in the capital. But my wife chose it not so. We relied primarily on the recommendation of friends. And we liked it and its Director, and teacher, will teach Vlad: in appearance it should look like a primary school teacher of the Russian school. The school is in our area, but still not within walking distance, so a child in school going to carry — or my wife, or nanny”.

On the occasion of the knowledge Day the poet composed a new poem:

“On 1 September on the streets of the capital
As the best of the encouraging take —
Especially notable is the pretty graduate
Past/bygone years…”