Владимир Винокур: «Если бы я стал президентом, то весь народ бы обхохотался» “Up to x hours just two weeks, but I don’t even know where I’m going to celebrate the anniversary,” admitted “StarHit” the people’s favorite… the last day of March the impersonator turned 70. And who will give?!

  • I didn’T GET INTO BALLET BECAUSE… first, I’m not really wanted, and secondly, due to the fact that there have always been fat and struggled with weight.
  • IF I BECAME PRESIDENT, THEN… all the people would have laughed.
  • I don’T WEAR SHORT SKIRTS BECAUSE… not change the orientation.
  • MY WIFE doesn’T KNOW THAT… I really love her. Still 44 years together so long… Suddenly she had forgotten about my feelings?

Don’T WANT MY two year old GRANDSON FYODOR in the SAME way AS his GRANDFATHER… mother. He starts talking, and daughter Nastya asks me: do not swear at the child, and will teach bad. He now repeats everything he hears.

  • OF ALL the cartoon characters I… more just like Winnie-the-Pooh – for the same reason I didn’t get into ballet.
  • IF I had to CHANGE the NAME… I would be Putin. What parodist Vladimir Natanovich Putin sounds! Stadiums used collected! Never parodied President, I think, is unethical. Although there is no easier bread, because it every day on TV, besides we have met many times.
  • ANGRY with being lied to… at work or at home, whatever. I can’t stand if the person looks you in the eye and lying. I am for the truth – bitter, sweet, any.
  • I LIKE LEV LESHCHENKO… everything! I know how to do everything like him – to talk, to sing, to laugh. Can easily include the crown charm Leshchenko, copy the smile levs. And, of course, thrilled surrounding…

IF I MET BRAD PITT… I would tell him I’m much prettier than he is.

  • COME BACK TIME… I would have still graduated from College. Always wanted to be able to play the piano, but dad wanted me to become an architect. And I did as he wanted. And his brother played great and was my first accompanist, even though he was a civil engineer by profession.
  • Heaviest I am HAPPY WHEN… communicate with her grandson. In raising my daughter I had the space: I worked a lot. But when she grew up, she and I became inseparable.
  • I’m GETTING SCARED FROM WHAT… years go by. But I can’t feel them. When I was young, it seemed that 50 years is the end. And then 70 on the nose, and you know – everything is just beginning.

  • The LAST TIME I CRIED…WHEN they buried my father and my brother. Hate myself for the fact that few paid attention to them in life. And with joy cried when Fedka was born. He’s my buddy. Recently, Nastya and Grisha left it to me. I ran home from work before his wife, took the daughter with her grandson in the street. Anastasia flew to the theater, and we Fedka another half hour in the snow played. Then went to have dinner and watch cartoons. Then he cut the music and we started dancing. He’s such a funny, cool… Likes to sit at the piano and try to play. At such moments, call him Matsuev. And if you want to surprise grandma with my mother, so they allowed him something forbidden, coming to the bar, an electric stove and begins legs to throw – enough mother-the ballerina. At the end of the presentation of the splits. Of course, he is very artistic, but I wouldn’t want to go to the actors, or parodists, as a grandfather. It seems that we have no life, and the occasion. And in fact, every time you go to the plane and think: well, I hope, blow over and get there… Joking with his wife, of 44 years of marriage, 20, she didn’t see me.

I was UPSET WHEN the daughter climbed in the ring and without insurance performed acrobatics for Cirque Du Soleil. And all of it 15 metres above the stage… Tamara and, of course, went crazy with excitement. Tried to prove to her that good kids are not born, but all in vain: she wanted to prove to everyone that she is not just the daughter of a famous artist, but also the personality.

  • The worst IN my LIFE… I’m farming. We have engaged in this Tamara. Always asks me: do you have at least one nail in the house can score? Worked because the molars, plasterer, carpenter, Mason… No, I say, honey, this should be done by professionals. She laughs, because she herself is sometimes necessary for a hammer to take, though he graduated from the school of the Bolshoi theatre.
  • MODERN PARODISTS are NOT ENOUGH characters to follow. Among the young artists there are no such bright personalities, which can be two sentences to repeat – and you’ll understand who you’re mimicking. Before it was? His hands – Muslim Magomayev, stood up straight, holding the microphone in front of him – Kobzon.
  • The MOST UNUSUAL thing I TASTED of the FOOD… frog during a trip to France. But I did not like. Had to drink half a glass of vodka to numb an unpleasant feeling in the mouth.
  • The ONLY thing I don’T have ENOUGH MONEY… on a private island somewhere in the ocean. Lived there all his family and friends. Increasingly close the shells are falling, leaving friends, and so want longer to be together.