Vladimir Vinokur has ceased to hide the face of the grandson

Владимир Винокур перестал скрывать лицо внука One-year-old Fedor for the first time called for a social event. Stellar family in full force visited the premiere of the ice show Evgeni Plushenko “the Nutcracker”. Daughter of Vladimir Vinokur Anastasia Vinokur with his son willingly posed for photographers covering the event.

      Владимир Винокур перестал скрывать лицо внука

      The well-known humorist Vladimir Vinokur year ago for the first time became a grandfather. Grandson to his famous father gave his only daughter stars Anastasia Vinokur. Vladimir Natanovich insanely happy with his status, he happily nursed with Fedor and have verified that the grandchildren really love more than children.

      The star family which in the first year of the life of Fyodor carefully guarded the baby from prying eyes and unwanted attention, finally decided to declassify the person adored them all man.

      Recently a one year old baby for the first time brought to light. Fedor along with her mother and grandparents visited the Olympic stadium at the premiere of the ice show Evgeni Plushenko “the Nutcracker”. Anastasia Vinokur with his son posed for photographers, not hiding his face. And then even posted one of the pictures in the microblog. However, later the young mother had replaced the photo with another, where the face of Fedora is not to see.

      “First output light baby Fedor on the show-a story on ice “the Nutcracker”. Thank you for the holiday for the whole family! Yana Rudkovskaya, you’re a big boy, and all your wonderful team, led by your athletes. Congratulations with the debut of the lovely Sasha Plushenko!”, – wrote in the microblog Anastasia Vinokur.

      Members of the young mother thanked her for the opportunity to see Fedor, noting that her son is the cutest. By the way, in a recent interview with “StarHit” Vladimir Vinokur told that the grandson of Fyodor very similar to it. Vladimir Vinokur: “I found a way of dealing with the vagaries of a grandson”

      “He loves to make faces, well, you know who. When Fede was six months, he smiled as the Chinese screwed up his eyes, stretched his lips in a thread. We wondered – what is that news? And then I realized – it portrays us as we Lisp. Parodist is growing, all to grandpa!” – said a happy grandfather.

      Recall, 10 December the amicable family has celebrated the first birthday of Fyodor. A place for celebration Anastasia Vinokur with her husband Gregory by Matveevici chose a trendy restaurant located in the heart of Moscow “a short East”. Among the guests were only close relatives and friends of the couple. The hero of the occasion, as befits the children of his age, was seated on a high chair and feel the hero of the evening. Proud grandpa Vladimir Vinokur performed for the grandson of the Jewish folk song “Lechaim” (to life!).