Владимир Винокур не смог сдержать слез, вспоминая смерть родственников The comedian cannot come to terms with the departure of father and brother. Vladimir Vinokur tries to come often to the cemetery, where talking to loved ones. He admits that he had not time to say goodbye to dad, as is now very sorry.
Владимир Винокур не смог сдержать слез, вспоминая смерть родственников

Many fans believe Vladimir Vinokur best humorist Russia. They were used to seeing him smiling on stage, but during the broadcast of the program “million dollar Secret” artist is not able to cope with the emotions and rasplakalsya. He spoke about the severe losses that occurred in his life.

Nathan L. winokur passed away in 1995 after a stroke. According to the comedian, the father had a presentiment of impending tragedy, as said son during their last conversation.

“I then went on tour for two weeks. Dad said well that the tour short, as it feels bad. It was absolutely not like him. He is a man of strong-willed, strong, never complained of health. And that’s when my brother and I were on tour, my mother called. She told us about the stroke, and we immediately took off. Came, tried to help him, I hooked his connections, but he never came out of this torpor after a stroke. For the whole family, of course, was a tragedy,” shared Vinokur, barely holding back tears.

The story of a man was so tragic that touched Lera Kudryavtsev. The comedian also remembered the sudden death of his brother. Boris Vinokur did not in 2010. Relatives were not even aware that the man has diabetes, and because of this terrible diagnosis, his health beginning to deteriorate.

“I swore that I would extend his life. And I did, though not for long. I remember when I talked to the doctor and he frankly told me that the chances of a full recovery are almost none. The doctor asked me not to exert too much pressure on her brother forbade him to smoke and eat what he wants. Now I really miss my brother, we were incredibly close,” recalled winokur.

After the death of relatives the closest person in the showman’s life was his mother. Now the mother of Vladimir Natanovich 95 years. The comedian bought the woman next door every day to visit her.

Winokur admits that a family tragedy has greatly affected him. The man often walks in the cemetery, talking to his father and brother, telling them about the news and his own thoughts.

The main joy in the life of a comedian is his grandson Feodor. The boy is two years, and Vinokur carries with it all the free time. Vladimir Natanovich’m sure the heir will rise artist, because he already at that age interested in music and stage. Despite all the losses, through which we had to postpone the showman, he managed to maintain an optimistic view of the world.