Владимир Винокур о страшном ДТП: «Меня разорвало, как цыпленка табака» The comedian was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. The actor spoke about how he almost had a leg amputated after a horrific accident, he also narrowly escaped disaster on the ship “Admiral Nakhimov”.
Владимир Винокур о страшном ДТП: «Меня разорвало, как цыпленка табака»

Vladimir Vinokur – one of the most prominent local comedians. His performances attract thousands of viewers not only in Russia but also abroad. Despite a successful career, in your personal life the comedian had a few tragedies.

Vladimir Natanovich married to a former ballet dancer Tamara Pervakova – for 44 years. They met when they were still students. As recognized actor, he can’t imagine life without the woman he loved. The comedian revealed that for several years after the wedding, the couple couldn’t have children. “Ballet is often… Physical work, it does not always help…” – explained Vladimir Natanovich.

Only seven years later was born the only daughter Anastasia. It has recently became a mother myself, and Vladimir Natanovich – grandfather of two years Fedor. Anastasia is a successful soloist in the troupe of the State academic Bolshoi theatre.

Vinokur said: in his family two female dancers, both sit on a rigid diet, heavy meal, they have not taken. The comedian also tried to adhere to proper nutrition, but could not recovered.

“Lose weight urgently! Dropped 20 pounds, I’m Tamara said,”Hold on!” But I stayed… Gained 30,” admitted the humorist.

On the wedding day Vinokur promised the wife that are sure to become rich and can provide her a decent life. After graduating music school and several years of internships in the theatre Vladimir Natanovich began tour a lot. The comedian told how he once managed to escape death. In 1986, the Soviet passenger ship “Admiral Nakhimov” sank in the Black sea. According to official figures, killed more than 400 people. Vinokur with Lev Leshchenko some time was listed among the passengers of the fatal flight.

“After the scene we both got invited entertainer to sail on the ship “Nakhimov”. But Loew could not, he was a government gig the next day. He left. But the one I go bored so I stayed with friends… clashed ship with ship, an incredible number of victims,” recalled Vladimir Natanovich…

At his peak, in 1992, the actor was involved in an accident.

“My friend, head of the House and accompanying officers from the Ministry along with a driver who clocked on the track, on January 26… was frozen, the glass road, the car lost control… Oak trees, trees everywhere, I sat in the back. I was torn as chicken,” says the comedian.

Vladimir Natanovich spent several days in intensive care. The actor was a severe broken legs. The doctors wanted to amputate one of the limbs.

Friends came to the aid of the artist. They worked with him every day. Wife and little daughter were with Vladimir Natanovich. “A new way learned to sit, stand, ride a wheelchair”, says the artist.

Father Vinokur grieved for the famous son. The man had a stroke, he soon died. “The attack was strong… he had heart failure was. Mother extended his life, the man who fought. With her he lived”, – said winokur.

The actor said that his mum has a fantastic nature. She never gets discouraged and does not complain of health, despite the fact that the woman is already 96 years old. “She is an optimist by nature, I think it is possible in 96 years to be like this?! I want to say: I have mothers learn to be the same!” – Vladimir Natanovich.

The comedian explained that he understands how much a parent is not easy today. Her eyes, the husband died and the son: the brother of comedian Boris passed away a few years ago.

“He had diabetes and kidney failure. He struggled, well done. Fought to the last. Bob lived a very vivid human life, is needed. He was the soul of the company,” recalled Vladimir Natanovich.