Vladimir Vdovichenkov got into trouble with harassment

Владимир Вдовиченков попал в неприятную историю с домогательствами Returning to Moscow from Georgia, the actor appeared in the center of the scandal. A customs officer behaved improperly in relation to the artist. However, the man denies his guilt and insists that Vdovichenkov had insulted him first.

      Yesterday 45-year-old actor Vladimir Vdovichenkov arrived in Moscow from Tbilisi where he was on tour. The plane, where the actor sat in the airport Vnukovo. There is the star of “Boomer” and “Brigade” had a conflict with a customs officer. Vdovichenko accused him of improper behaviour. According to the artist, he was subjected to harassment.

      In turn, the customs officer accused Vdovichenkov in the insult of the person. The man wrote a letter to the popular actor. He said that the favorite of millions touched his human dignity, and wants her punished for it.

      In connection with the latest events of celebrities had to justify to law enforcement officials. The actor claims that the employee of the airport behaved very rudely and denied any wrongdoing. According to Vdovichenkov, he did not comply with the regulations. The customs officer did not show his documents and was not presented. Instead, the man immediately began to inspect it, and did not do it in a respectful manner. Vladimir said that his, in particular groped the buttocks. This behavior angered the star “Teams”, so Vdovichenkov began to actively rebel.

      Later the officer told representatives of the law, as there was a conflict between him and the actor. The man asked Vdovichenkov put the suitcase on the tape, but he refused to do it. According to airport staff, the artist obscenely expressed and called him ensign. The representative Vnukovo has warned Vladimir that he will deal with the police and made the star comment, reports Life.ru.

      We will remind that Vladimir Vdovichenkov arrived in Georgia together with the troupe of Vakhtangov theatre. The actor and his colleagues took part in the international festival of arts named after Tumanishvili. The actors presented the play “Wind in the poplars.” It is based on the play by French playwright Gerald Sibleyras. The Director of the show was Rimas Tuminas. In addition to the stars of “Boomer”, it was attended by Vladimir Simonov, Maxim Sukhanov. In an interview Vdovichenkov said that he likes Georgian hospitality and openness of the locals. As reported by journalists, the play Tuminas brought a full house.