Vladimir Vdovichenkov conflict with colleagues

У Владимира Вдовиченкова конфликт с коллегами
The actor met with “hostility” of the “Golden youth”.

У Владимира Вдовиченкова конфликт с коллегами

Evgenia Brik and Vladimir Vdovichenkov in the TV series “the Optimists”

Subordinate character of Vladimir Vdovichenkov Gregory
Biryukova, the plot of the new series “Optimists” TV channel “Russia” (VGTRK), which
takes place in the 60-ies, immediately attended to his new head
antipathy. He headed the information and analytical group of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, staff
which — representatives of the so-called “Golden youth”, and they used for
border, dress up in the latest fashion of the time and listen to Western music.

“Young diplomats we play Egor
Roots, Rinal Mukhametov, Artem Bystrov, severe anusauskaite, and all these
actors we have specifically taken on a tour of the foreign Ministry, says 7days.ru the film Director Alexei Popogrebsky. — By the way,
this division, which employs our characters, the foreign Ministry never
existed, it was invented by the writers. Heroes today would call political

However, soon the character Vdovichenkov
getting to the showdown in the group. On the first day in a new place he
facing an unprecedented diplomatic crisis, and dealing
with it problems depends not only the future of the Department, but the whole foreign
the policy of the Soviet Union — may 1, 1960 in the skies over Sverdlovsk was shot down
the American plane. And the characters find themselves involved in all significant, and sometimes
unexpected and amusing events in the international arena, 1960: the Paris peace
conference, the space flight of Belka and Strelka, the presentation of the “book of tasty and
healthy food” in English. And in the final even be in the center
backroom plot against Nikita Khrushchev, and with their help it will be

in the film

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