Vladimir Tolokonnikov was back in the hospital

Владимир Толоконников снова попал в больницу Honored artist of the Kazakh SSR was hospitalized due to exacerbation of chronic diseases. Tolokonnikov confirmed to journalists the fact of his treatment. According to the actor, he had nothing serious. Recall that this summer, Vladimir Alexeevich had problems with the heart and bronchi.

      Владимир Толоконников снова попал в больницу

      Today in the press there is information that 73-year-old actor Vladimir Tolokonnikov was feeling unwell and he was urgently hospitalized. The man got one of the best clinics of Moscow. According to journalists, the poor state of the artist became the exacerbation of chronic diseases.

      The actor himself confirmed the fact of going to medical professionals. According to Tolokonnikova, his life threatens nothing.

      “I had a little time to heal from colds and all. There is nothing critical, I have colds. Well, you know, weather affects health,” said Vladimir Tolokonnikov reporters.

      We will remind that in August of this year, Tolokonnikova became ill during a tour in Kostanay region of Kazakhstan. Because of the state actor had to cancel the play “Family portrait with a stranger”, where he was involved. Then the man was feeling unwell after landing at the local airport. In the theater, where he was to undergo a setting with Tolokonnikova, reported that the health of the artist has adversely affected the flight. In this regard, the administrator of the troupe, Elena Dianova called an ambulance.

      After a while it became known that Prime Minister Vladimir Alekseevich is not in danger. Dianova later told the media that the artist was transferred from the resuscitation ward. The best local doctors and specialists of the regional clinical hospital of Kostanay was provided Tolokonnikova timely assistance. According to the woman, he had problems with the heart and bronchi. She also suggested that the impact on the health of stars of cinema and theatre had stood, and then heat.

      Vladimir Tolokonnikov is in the hospital because of heart problems

      At the moment Tolokonnikov feels good and is in the hospital. Doctors assess his condition as stable. Vadim Alekseevich was prescribed a course of intensive therapy, according to Life.ru.

      Vladimir Tolokonnikov – the honored artist of the Kazakh SSR, was born on 25 June 1943. A graduate of the Yaroslavl theatre school, he became widely known after the release of the film “heart of a Dog” in 1988. In this picture Tolokonnikov played a major role Polygraph Sharikova. Mr Zubkov also starred in such films as “Kochkodan silver”, “Hottabych”, “Crossroads”, as well as in the TV series “viola. In the world of criminal passions”. In addition, Tolokonnikov known for his work in theatre since graduation he has worked in the national Academic theatre of Russian drama named after Lermontov, located in Alma-ATA.