Владимир Сычев: «В пробках играю в нарды»
Star of the TV series “the Teacher” spoke about his life behind the wheel.

Владимир Сычев: «В пробках играю в нарды»

Vladimir Sychev

Photo: Yury Feklistov

In our traditional section star of the TV series “the Teacher” tells how to get used to the right handlebar why he loves to drive and why carries in the trunk fit.

Vladimir admits that, while driving, sometimes uses “official position”: “I love speed, so sometimes the cab. So, when I stopped by traffic police, they look at me, then at my documents. And then instead of a terrible warning, breaks into a smile: “Oh, you’re crazy! Keep going. Just don’t drive like that!” Sychev on the police not offended. After all, Lunatic is the name of his movie character, the owner of a strip club Lehi from the TV series “the Teacher”…

Vladimir driving my entire adult life. A quarter-century ago he became the proud owner of his first car, a “Zhiguli”-“six”: “Traded it for video two. Here are the prices were on electronics…” And the first foreign car Sychev became cheap RHD Nissan: “I Remember a year and a half could not get a Moscow air — the car I bought in Zhytomyr. To an unusual position in this “Japanese” I, by the way, used. I liked that on the left side I have a reserve — it gives more confidence. However, the passengers I’ve carried, on the contrary, began to get nervous: “You’re in the oncoming lane will leave! Move to the right! Oh gonna crash!” They did not realize that I controlled the situation…”

Владимир Сычев: «В пробках играю в нарды»

“Before, twenty years ago, loved to drive, “gun it”. Now I driver even-tempered, especially if taking a family, children”

Photo: Yury Feklistov

For long car life experienced Sychev much, for example not a single hijacking. One day he stole a brand new white BMW 121st model: “It happened in the heart of Moscow. Left the shop, and no car. A strange feeling — it is unclear what to do, where to go. At first I even thought that I forgot where I parked. But then realized it was stolen… Another one of my car — Тoyota — was stolen from the baths, he went to meet a friend for exactly five minutes. Then in Moscow began the evacuation of improperly parked cars, and I decided that the car was taken away by the organization. Asked the traffic police, there ran the tow yard, but my Toyota is not found… the Car was insured, so I paid the stipulated sum. A year later, a call from the police: “Your car was in Kaliningrad. And its bona fide buyer is willing with you to sue”. Why would I sue, I have the money for it was already…”

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