Владимир Стержаков попал в больницу The actor was taken to the clinic in Saratov. Vladimir Sterzhakov felt ill during the performance. However, the reason for hospitalization are not reported.

      Владимир Стержаков попал в больницу

      Famous actor Vladimir Sterzhakov now is far away from Moscow – together with the theatre he went on tour. But during a speech in Saratov known artist felt bad. He urgently called for an ambulance and was taken to one of the local clinics. There the actor promptly provided medical care. The hospital reported that the condition Sterzhakov moderate. However, on the exact diagnosis prefer not to speak or reveal how long they have to stay in the clinic.

      As reported in the media, according to preliminary information, he was hospitalized with suspicion on a hypertensive crisis. It occurs from high blood pressure and provoke an attack of can stress and physical activity. In the local press of the Saratov reported that due to a sudden ailment in Sterzhakov the organizers had to suspend production. The artists were presented the statement “Sublimation of love”, which, together with Vladimir be attended by such actors as Marat Basharov and Irina Medvedeva.

      Recall that 56-year-old actor of theatre and cinema has played in his life many roles. He mostly appeared in Comedy films. During his career Vladimir Sterzhakov has performed lead roles in such films and television series as “Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation”, “Instructor”, “the return of the prodigal husband”, “Quiet hunt” and many others.

      We will remind that not so long ago was hospitalized a famous musician Alexander Rosenbaum. But the reason he was in the hospital, also chose not to report. “Alexander is now a stable state. He felt bad, maybe same person to be bad, he’s just like the rest of us. Now he is in the hospital and once the doctors decide that he can leave the hospital, he will go home,” told “StarHit” Director musician.

      I must say that sometimes the information on hospitalization of the artists and their diagnosis reported is not entirely accurate. Not so long ago, Yuri Antonov also came to the clinic, according to rumors, with a suspected heart attack. However, the musician himself has denied the diagnosis and said that the reason he was in a hospital bed is quite simple – food poisoning. A few days later the actor was discharged from the clinic.

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