Vladimir sterjakov told about the death of my daughter

Владимир Стержаков рассказал о смерти дочки The actor came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Sterjakov told the television host about why you decided to tie the knot. The artist also told how the long-awaited pregnancy of the spouse of Alla turned into a tragedy for their family.

Vladimir sterjakov caught the fancy of audiences after roles in the projects “Detectives”, “Two fates”, “Turkish March”, “Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation”, “Hotel Eleon” and many other films and TV series. For a long time the actor was an inveterate bachelor and did not plan ever to marry. However, accidentally met his fate – in a bread shop.

“I went after a night of shooting. I decided to go to bread, where the queue was long. I had something so good, everything is going to work and I home to sleep. The store saw a girl, she was a little taken aback at the sight of the crowd. I gave her my place in the queue, so we met. I have had bananas, toothpaste… After we met, I took it and… gave I her,” shared the actor.

The girl’s name was Alla, she left the artist with your phone number. So began their relationship, a long-time beloved lived in a civil marriage. A confirmed bachelor, did not dare to propose to a girl. One day after another shooting in the cold Vladimir returned home, he felt chills, and malaise. When we reached the apartment, sterjakov lost consciousness and when I woke up and saw Alla. She called the artist a brigade “fast” doctors put Vladimir on a drip. After his rescue, the movie star decided to officially make an offer of marriage to Alla. Beloved and I got married.

The Studio program “the Destiny of man” actor admitted that he wanted kids, but the wife could not get pregnant. “You know, every time I think, that with me whether it happened? When he said that we are together and we will. Already started to believe in all sorts of healers, went to the talkers. I then bought a dog, a puppy. We have a Spaniel named Luz, we were three of us now. Besides, I was ready to go to the orphanage. But Allah still continued to fight for motherhood” – shared sterjakov. Soon, the actor’s wife became pregnant. Couple was expecting a girl, the actor had planned to call the long-awaited daughter Genia.

“We were supposed to be baby! Some fledging, happiness. Alla not been found. But then we lost him. Why, why? Incomprehensibly. Nothing foreshadowed… That was very scary. I was with Alla in the house all the time. I was mad… We cried a lot when she came out of anesthesia. Alla said, “is that All?”Words cannot Express it,” said sterjakov.

After the tragedy, the actor supported his wife as best he could. Together they went to the theatre, went to the circus and travelled a lot. Soon after Vladimir and Alla are thinking again about the children.

“Allah must have realized that I also have a life force ends. She sent me with my friends fishing in Astrakhan. Mobile communication was not there. To call, you had to climb the trees. And some day, my journey wife barely got through to me and said, “Yes!»

The answer of Alla meant for Vladimir that she is once more expecting a child.

The son of actor there are two heir: first Dennis, then Alex. Denis enjoys football and is a fan of CSKA, 18-year-old boy studying in School-Studio of MKHAT. And Alex still goes to school. Sterjakov often takes the heirs for fishing trips and football.

At the end of the program, the actor admitted that trying to help children from orphanages. “We’re, for example, on the good bodies of water with them. We help the volunteers. All day fishing, then prepare a delicious lunch. The kids get gifts, we come to the circus. We spent the whole day together. I recently for the first time held a party with the orphanage,” – said Vladimir sterjakov.

The movie star also admitted that today perfectly happy with my profession and family life. According to the actor, he wants to help all the children left without parents.