Владимир Стеклов снова стал отцом в 70 лет!
The actor showed the little girl and told about the impending wedding.

Владимир Стеклов снова стал отцом в 70 лет!

Vladimir Steklov with her daughter Arina

Photo: the frame of the program “the Stars aligned”

Vladimir Steklov in the program “the Stars aligned” made an unexpected confession about the new addition to the family. As it turned out, two months ago he became a father for the third time, his civil wife Irina Deryagina gave birth to a daughter. The baby was named Arina. Glass, unlike many other artists, decided not to hide the girl. Viewers and Studio guests were shown a photo of Vladimir with the baby on hands.

“Irene’s first child, and she is happy, not frightened. We met through mutual friends, at first she was taken aback when I realized that it is “courting major”, and then off we go. We’ve been together for two years… When I found out that Irina is pregnant, was in shock, he went to sleep in the kitchen. And now you know, be a dad at 70 – not terrible! Think I may try one more time”, — said Vladimir. Soon he will play with Irina’s wedding. After birth he took a sweetheart who is younger than his 33 years, offer hands and hearts.

Vladimir Steklov with the bride Irina

Photo: ADR program “the Stars aligned”

Interestingly, the adult children easily took Irina into the family and are very pleased with the birth of your little sister. However, the first time Vladimir could not find the right words to announce your pregnancy sweetheart. He was a bit shy conversation with Agrippina, which is itself twice mom, and 19-year-old daughter Glafira.