Владимир Соловьев развязал войну с Иваном Ургантом Discussing the conflict of two popular TV presenters. Vladimir Solovyov took to his account a joke Ivan Urgant and spoke harshly about it broadcast their transmission. According to some, the showman is preparing a response to a colleague on the shop floor.
Владимир Соловьев развязал войну с Иваном Ургантом

Internet users are actively discussing the conflict between Ivan Urgant and Vladimir Solovyov. It all began on Thursday, September 7, when in the evening show of the First channel appeared Irena Ponaroshku. Fun young woman offered to Urgant useful to try out a face mask. After the entertainer launched a substance itself, Irena has compared her to a Nightingale droppings. Popular presenter joked that this way you can call show on one of Federal TV channels.

Vladimir Solovyev decided that the statement of our colleagues at the stone in his garden. Response the presenter had not long to wait. Broadcast their evening program the man spoke harshly about the joke Ivan Urgant.

Владимир Соловьев развязал войну с Иваном Ургантом

Journalists contacted Vladimir Rudolfovich, commented on the scandal. According to the journalist, he sees no need to Urgant call to talk to a man. Instead, Solovyev has prepared a response, which aired its evening transmission.

“Hitting on me is on TV! While in Moscow I your answer put (program Soloviev, first overlooks the Eastern regions of the country. – Ed.) And Ivan went all “orbits”. (…) What he did is unacceptable. Usually television do not. It is a Declaration of war. While the Urgant to me was humanly good relations”, – said a leading correspondents.
Владимир Соловьев развязал войну с Иваном Ургантом

At the time of writing Ivan Urgant has not spoken about the statements of Vladimir Solovyov. Reporters attempted to obtain comment from the presenter, however, he was advised to go to the press-service of the First channel. According to rumors, he was going to meet a colleague in the near future to broadcast its evening transmission.

Meanwhile, the Twitter alter-ego of well-known leading Grisha Urgant publications have appeared, devoted to Vladimir Solovyov. On behalf of his twin showman said that the journalist added it to the blacklist. Ivan also reminded subscribers about the old joke. “Say, when Vladimir Solovyov was in school, he was faster than all the boys shoes,” wrote leading in April. In addition, the TV star repostnul the publication of Sergei Dorenko, interviewed listeners of the radio station “Moscow Says”. Many of those who took part in voting, supported Urgant.

During a recent conversation with the correspondent Vladimir Solovyov explained why his answer is showman appeared in the Moscow version of the ether. According to the man, he did so deliberately. “To show that not the Federal level,” – quoted a leading “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.