Vladimir Solovyev has revealed the truth about the fabulous income

Владимир Соловьев раскрыл правду о баснословных доходах Not long ago, a famous TV host was reproached that he owns several properties. Vladimir Solovyov gave an interview to Boris Korchevnikov, which told about their earnings. According to the man, he does not hide them from the state and pays taxes honestly.
Владимир Соловьев раскрыл правду о баснословных доходах

The hero of the first edition of “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi became his colleague Vladimir Solovyov. The man openly spoke about how he became a famous TV presenter, and also revealed the truth about their earnings. According to some, Solovyov owns several properties in Russia and the Villa in Italy.

Earlier in the interview, Vladimir admitted that he is a wealthy man, as did business in the 90s. the TV Presenter does not hide information about it. Talking with Koschevnikovi, he told us more about their property. “You’re trying to blame the fact that you’re a rich man, that you are not ashamed of wealth”, – said Boris to the peer.

“Well, it’s actually ridiculous. Yes, I do all my life Pasha. Well, it happens. Here there are people who have worked their entire lives. I am 50 years, I have a bunch of kids, I have a wonderful beauty mom. I have a family, previous wives, friends. (…) Well, I’m an adult, I have been doing business since the Soviet times. I pay my taxes, I’ve never taken anything from the state, everything is always declared. I carefully treat everybody, not hiding anything,” – said Solovyov.
Владимир Соловьев раскрыл правду о баснословных доходах

According to the presenter, he doesn’t need to say much about your condition. In addition, Vladimir Solovyov prefers not to advertise the fact that he does charity work and helps other people. “My income is absolutely consistent with my spending,” he said.

Solovyov also explained why he bought a Villa on lake Como. According to the man, he likes a house in another country, and so much more economical than constantly go somewhere to relax.

“There is such another very important point, when people ask me why I’m buying a house in Italy. Many people are very worried about it. It’s very simple – I have a big family when I get to relax all is the man 15. I thought we a month in Greece will cost the same amount of money that in 2-3 years bounces, if you stupidly buy. When I bought, where prices were lower than in the suburbs on the ruble. Well, we have the prices of specific. You’re buying, bring the family, and it has been there all summer,” – said Vladimir.

During the conversation with the YouTube Koschevnikovi broadcaster responded to the attacks of those people who think it’s strange that he decided to buy a house in another country.

Владимир Соловьев раскрыл правду о баснословных доходах“There is still such moment. Patriot is not a patriot. Nikolai Gogol spent a significant part of life in Rome and was a patriot. The best guide to Rome written by Gogol. I will not speak about the outstanding figures of culture, not to think like I was crazy, and comparing themselves with them. Patriotism – this is not house arrest and not the dumb feeling when you say: “All our best”. This is when you have conscious awareness, and you can compare. And choose still Russia”, – said Solovyov.

The man also believes that wealth is a “specific and sad.” According to Solovyov, it is not necessary to hide, but to boast income is too much. Such an act, I’m sure the presenter could cause the envy of others.