Vladimir Soloviev married the eldest son

Владимир Соловьев женил старшего сына The celebration took place in a Moscow registry office. The presenter shared with the marriage. His successor, Alexander and daughter-in-law look very happy. Followers of Vladimir Solovyov said that the young man very similar to his father.

      The son of Vladimir Solovyov Alexander combined bonds of marriage with his lover. The solemn ceremony of registration of the relationship went in one of the Moscow registry offices. The event shared the happy father of the groom. Members of a prominent journalist noted that the successor is very similar to Solovyov. “Son your copy of Vladimir,” “Congratulations, looks like you really”, “And your son – copy!”, noted followers of the master.

      The bride chose for the wedding dress decorated with lace covered shoulders, and the groom appeared at the ceremony in a simple three-piece suit of gray. To the pocket of the jacket of Alexander is attached to the corsage with a white flower, which blends perfectly with the bride’s bouquet.

      Despite the fact that Vladimir is now another family, he communicates with the children from first two marriages. Alexander works in the field of cinema, and before that was a film student in London. The young man shares in his microblog footage from the shooting of the TV series and movies. The heir of a TV journalist currently working with actress Lukeria Ilyashenko, memorable for the TV series “Sweet life”, and many other stars.

      Recall that in the first marriage Solovyov had two children: Pauline and Alexander. Daughter of Vladimir had done his grandfather. In March last year Pauline gave birth to a daughter. Solovyov has a great relationship with their older heirs: they often meet and even go into a joint trip. Vladimir is proud of the success of the offspring. The journalist considered one of the most famous fathers of large families: in total he had eight children. In the latest marriage of Elga, the SAPP had five.

      “I communicate with children is not an excuse. Each other friends. The younger have time to see when you come home. Danya and Sonya – little geniuses. Here’s Katie, of course, is absolutely his own life, she plays music and sings. I enjoy going to her concerts and performances. With the older, unfortunately, more talking on the phone, sometimes overlap anywhere”, – told reporters Soloviev about your family.