Владимира Шаинского хоронят через месяц после кончины
In Moscow held a farewell to the composer.

Vladimir Shainskiy

Today Vladimir Shainsky will finally find peace. After almost a month after retiring from life
legendary composer, friends accompanied him on his last journey. The ceremony
farewell to the author of the immortal music works by Soviet films
and cartoons was held in the Russian capital at the Moscow house of composers, and ended the song “From
the smile will brighten all…” from the cartoon “Little raccoon.”

To pay tribute to the composer
came his family and colleagues, including Lev Leshchenko, Joseph Kobzon, Alexander
Kibovsky, Aziz and Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Russian Federation Polad Bulbul oglu. On
the ceremony was attended by celebrity sons — Joseph and Thomas, daughter Anna, widow Svetlana Shainskaya, and also granddaughter of the composer — Alice. In the afternoon, the musician will be buried on Troekurov cemetery. His body was
delivered in Moscow on 20 January by a special flight from the American state of California. Yet
decided the formalities of the funeral, the body was in a special freezer
the camera does not allow the decomposition process.

Recall the composer’s death became known on 27 December 2017. According to Svetlana
Shainskiy, my husband was admitted to hospital on 15 December. “We are constantly visited him,
sitting all day near. 24 December, we spent a lot of time together. But
he was all those days unconscious. That last evening my daughter and left
very late, and at 02:10 night (25 December — ed.) he died. We got a call at five
in the morning from the hospital, and we came,” said Svetlana.