Владимир Шаинский ушел из жизни на 93 году
People’s artist of the USSR died in the United States.

Vladimir Shainskiy

Just it became known, on 93-m to year of life has died the national actor
Of the RSFSR, laureate of the State prize of the USSR, composer Vladimir

This was reported by relatives of the composer to our colleagues from the news program “Vesti”.

Vladimir Shainsky was born on 12 Dec 1925 in Baku. At the age of 11
years started at music school, violin class. However
beginning in 1941, the war interrupted the training Shainsky. It, along with
the family evacuated to Tashkent. There he continued his musical education at the
Tashkent Conservatory, where he studied until 1943, when it
called to serve.

After the war in 1945 he entered the Moscow Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky for orchestra faculty.

The last years of his life Shainsky, who was seriously ill, spent in America.

“We moved at the end of 2007, said the national artist in an interview with “the Komsomolky truth” in 2015. — Initially bought an apartment here, but been torn in two cities: a few months here, a few in Moscow. But constantly living in America for only two years. It is difficult to ride — age. Why are we so far? First, here daughter was studying. Secondly, there are all conditions,
that man might prolong his life. Not only the clinic, but
medical care, special medical devices,
needed after surgery for removal of the organ, which I had in
2007. In Russia there are no fixtures and to order them was very
difficult – the result is not at all”.