Владимир Шаинский - о женщинах: «Они окрыляют меня, и получаются неплохие песни» Favorite composer left us in 93-m to year of life. Vladimir Y. has won the hearts of the listeners legendary songs: “In the grass grasshopper sat”, “Blue car”, “song of Cheburashka”, “song of the Mammoth”.
Владимир Шаинский - о женщинах: «Они окрыляют меня, и получаются неплохие песни»

Vladimir Shainsky was and still is a favorite composer of millions, his songs grew more than one worship children. His music for the first chords they learn not only Russians, but also foreigners. The secret of his success was simple – love. Musician were constantly in a state of love. Women master became muses, sources of inspiration. Shainsky remember all the ladies that have experienced the tender feelings.

“All my life I fall in love. This is a very intimate question. Give me a name immediately. Probably never will be mistaken”, – the composer admitted to journalists.
Владимир Шаинский - о женщинах: «Они окрыляют меня, и получаются неплохие песни»

First love of the master was a girl named Clara. Beloved shainskogo lived next door to him. “We played together. Remember, he came to the courtyard, saw her and said, “Everything. She’s my wife.” This Clara did not answer. And her brother, for three years old is older than me: “Where are you, you even pronounce her name can’t.” And I did say her name oddly: “Kara” I was good at. Were confounded. It was in Kiev. Then it was kindergarten, one, another. And everywhere was a different love. But in school, in second grade, I was in love with my teacher. Everyone said that I was her favorite. But in fourth grade I was placed in a special music school. Then I for a long time nobody was in love. Give themselves to music,” shared shainskiy.

Serious novel by Vladimir Yakovlevich happened when the composer was 18 years old. Then he served in the army.

“There was such a wonderful girl. I am very much in love. But when left to the citizen, gone and this love. Windy was. Yes, to the army, I have also had a lot of girls. I was a little soldier, but prompt: “Hefty telegram was to Babskii the floor,” – said ironically priŝurivaâs’, composer.

Despite a weakness for the fair sex, Vladimir Yakovlevich first married only at the age of 46. In recognition of the composer, the marriage of his mother pushed it Mendeleva and friends. The first wife of the master became Natalia Shainskaya. In this marriage the composer was born a son, Joseph in 1971.

“I began to ask of friends. They too incited: “Well, what can already be married, get married, come on!”. Had” – shared shainskiy.

He was told that the first marriage was successful. The couple lived together and had fun, but soon feelings of the composer extinguished. The couple broke up. “Nobody is immune,” admitted the master.

Vladimir Yakovlevich was married only twice. The second and last of his love was Svetlana. The choice of the composer was under shainskogo for 41 years. The musician repeatedly mentioned in an interview that fell in love with the girl at first sight. She’s at such a young age already worked as an accountant at the Union of composers.

Владимир Шаинский - о женщинах: «Они окрыляют меня, и получаются неплохие песни»“We met when she was 17 years old and I am 58. At the time of the Union of composers worked mainly middle-aged ladies. And suddenly there was a poetic, slim, tall (unlike me) girl. As soon as I saw the Light, so once and was stunned. Remember, I came from spearfishing in the most presentable form. I needed someone urgently I printed some documents. Asked exactly Light. She typed slowly with one finger. But I didn’t rush her – I wanted to stay longer beside her. That’s how we met, and after we exchanged phone numbers. But I called just a few days. Thought I would call and spoil everything. Is give phone, call, ask if I could see, and the answer is: “why?”. Because of the large difference in age, I hesitated a long time, but in the end, going After… began to see more and more”, – told the composer about the meeting with his future second wife.

Lovers really do not bother: no difference in age nor in growth, nor in the status. Shainsky by that time was already popular favorite, the famous composer. And she’s a simple girl, who had just entered adulthood. She gave birth to Vladimir Yakovlevich heirs: son Vyacheslav and daughter Anna. The composer was proud of his children. The son Maitre reported in an interview: “a Very musical guy. Was it my decision to bring him to music? No, he wanted to. Sports does from early childhood. Still I can be proud of, because he doesn’t drink or smoke”. The youngest daughter Anya also grew a capable girl, dancing and music. However, during puberty a girl abandoned Hobbies that are very upset by Vladimir Yakovlevich. According to media reports, Vyacheslav graduated from the Institute of contemporary art. Now lives and works in Moscow. Anna graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. The daughter of composer rarely publishes joint photos with family. The girl resides in San Francisco, where he works as a designer, know several languages and loves dogs.

Владимир Шаинский - о женщинах: «Они окрыляют меня, и получаются неплохие песни»“I had a very interesting life, and I think I managed to say all that he wanted. And my every day is filled with Svetka – happy” – said to journalists Vladimir Chaika in an interview.