Владимир Путин поведал об успехах дочерей The President of Russia has told about what his heiress. Vladimir Putin told journalists that his daughters are working in the right people spheres of activity, and feel popular.

      Владимир Путин поведал об успехах дочерей

      The public interest discusses Vladimir Putin’s interview with the Bloomberg Agency in which he answered the questions of journalists on world political issues. Not spared the President of Russia and his personal life, which says very rarely. In particular, the head of state told about the daughters.

      Recall the legacy of Putin’s name is Maria and Katerina. It is known that both girls have already received higher education and are actively building career. Since the President is carefully guarded privacy, more detailed, confirmed information about his daughters in the press did not appear. Mr Putin himself has shed light on the nature of the activities of Mary and Catherine.

      “Overall, as far as I know, they already chose, they are engaged in science, some of the activities are very noble and the right people. They feel successful, they enjoy their work, and I was very happy. They are very responsible and honest attitude towards the business, which have chosen for themselves”, – said the head of state.

      We will remind, earlier in April this year, Putin revealed another interesting detail from his life. In the “straight line” one of the women appealed to Vladimir Putin via video link with the question of when he will introduce the country’s first lady.

      After a short pause, Mr Putin noted that it is unlikely it will be soon. In addition, the President assured the public that as his ex-wife Lyudmila Alexandrovna, and he himself, in his personal life.

      Life President: family photo

      “You know, we with Lyudmila Alexandrovna sometimes seen. Not often, but there are. We have a very good relationship, maybe even better than before, ” said Vladimir Putin. Is she happy with your life, it’s all good. I’m also happy I’m OK too. People choose us to ensure that we worked. And the things that concern his personal life, of course, they are of interest to people, I’ve accepted it. Maybe someday I will be able to satisfy your curiosity. Thank you very much”.