Vladimir Putin has promised to appear in advertising clothing

Владимир Путин пообещал сняться в рекламе одежды The head of state supported the idea of a young designer from Moscow Svetlana Kosinova. The girl took the initiative to create a project inclusive of things for people with disabilities called “Live!” and told about it to Vladimir Putin at the forum near Evpatoria.
Владимир Путин пообещал сняться в рекламе одежды

On Sunday, Vladimir Putin visited the all-Russian educational forum “Tavrida”, which spent one and a half hours. The President talked with the participants and answered their questions. At a meeting in the youth camp of the head of state was very late, so it was moved to the evening.

When Mr Putin appeared on the forum, he changed his usual suit and tie on a shirt and jeans. The President asked how he chooses clothes.

Владимир Путин пообещал сняться в рекламе одежды“The style I have a very simple business. I except the office almost never happen. (…) It is, in my opinion, the same for all people who do my work, well about the same. At home try to be easier, to be comfortable, but, of course, want it to be elegant, beautiful. I don’t know what kind of style I, as a rule, that in the closet, wear. See to it that looked decent. The camera is working, millions of people watching, you have to look decent. But as you say, there is such a word bother. I particularly on this account, do not bother, although I admit that this is very important,” – said the President.
Владимир Путин пообещал сняться в рекламе одежды

One of the participants of the forum were designer Svetlana Kosinova. Together with other concerned young professionals, she developed the project “Live!”, in which more than 250 people with disabilities themselves participate in the development and establishment of an inclusive collection.

“As you know, I represent a rather small group of Russians, we are just 13 million in Russia. And there is a problem – no one creates for us a beautiful and comfortable clothes,” the girl turned to the President.
Владимир Путин пообещал сняться в рекламе одежды

Putin noted that the designer picked up on time the current topic, which worries many Russians. According to Vladimir Putin, at the moment the government is preparing a strategy related to the support of industries where “production of rehabilitation equipment for people with disabilities”.

Kosinova asked the President whether he is ready to take part in the promotion of this inclusive clothing for the disabled. Putin said the girl’s consent.

Владимир Путин пообещал сняться в рекламе одежды“This fashion – ready,” he said.

In addition, during the meeting with participants of educational events Vladimir Vladimirovich promised to think about the promotion of talented composers and subsidising the screening of documentaries, about the year of music in Russia and also supported the idea of allocating grants to Fund the second higher education for aspiring filmmakers.