Vladimir Putin has explained, what his daughter

Владимир Путин объяснил, чем занимаются его дочери On the eve of one of the American television came the first series of the film by Oliver stone about the Russian President. Foreign Director several years collecting material for the film, dealing with a politician. One of the fragments Putin spoke about family and his childhood.
Владимир Путин объяснил, чем занимаются его дочери

American television showed the first series of “Interview with Putin” Oscar-winning Director Oliver stone. The picture has sparked interest from many journalists. In addition to the political issues, the film reveals the multifaceted personality of the head of the Russian Federation. In numerous interviews stone claimed that were satisfied with the project.

According to the Director, he tried to ask questions to the Russian leader. “He said he sleeps very well. If I were in his shoes, I’d be very nervous. Probably helps Putin judo”, – said stone.

In the film by American Director Putin himself explains that martial arts have changed his character. “I lived in a free mode, existed, spent a lot of time outside, in the yard. Ever since I started judo, it started to change life for the better”, – said the head of state in an interview.

Oliver stone was able to learn a lot of details about the personal life of the President. One of the fragments Putin announced that he had growing up grandchildren. The politician regretted that sometimes not enough time to communicate with children. In addition, the President said, in what field of work his daughter.

Vladimir Putin for the first time about grandchildren and bad days

“They don’t do politics, they do not do any major business. They are engaged in science and education. They have their own family life, and we meet”, – said Putin.
Владимир Путин объяснил, чем занимаются его дочери

Russian politician remembered how difficult it had his parents. Mr Putin noted that his father started the war in special forces, and then was sent to the army in one of the most dangerous areas of the Leningrad front.

“I have them (parents) was a late child, they lost two children, one of them during the war, during the blockade of Leningrad”, – said Putin.

Besides, in the film the head of state expressed his attitude to certain political issues. As Putin said, he immediately accepted the offer of Yeltsin. According to the politician, in 1999, he even could not imagine that so many years would occupy this post.

“Just for myself, then decided that if fate so ordered, it is necessary then already to go to the end. And I didn’t know a hundred percent that I will be President. No guarantees on this occasion no one was given”, – said the political leader.

On Russian television film stone will be released on 19 June at 21:30 Moscow time on channel one.