Vladimir Putin for the first time about grandchildren and bad days

Владимир Путин впервые о внуках и «плохих» днях American TV channel is preparing to show a film about the President of Russia. In a great interview with Director Oliver stone and Vladimir Putin spoke about the life of his family and about Hobbies sports. In mid-June, the picture of the head of state will be aired on domestic television.
Владимир Путин впервые о внуках и «плохих» днях

From 12 to 15 June the popular American TV channel Showtime will show a documentary by Oscar-winning filmmaker Oliver stone “Interview with Putin”. Every day on the air will come out of one of the four episodes. However, a few fragments of the film have already become public, and the responses of the head of the Russian Federation caused a heated discussion.

New work by Oliver stone for many opens of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with an unexpected side. The Director admitted he was delighted with the performance of one of the most influential politicians in the world. By the way, the Director observed, Vladimir Putin not only during his public appearances. He saw the President of Russia plays sports, plays with team in hockey.

Political leader made the Director a lasting impression.

“I admire his self-discipline. His ability to do it again and again for 16 years. His stamina, how he works. As far as I know, no us President is not working for so many hours,” said Oliver stone.
Владимир Путин впервые о внуках и «плохих» днях

In an interview famous Director Vladimir Putin has told and about his family. Oliver stone interviewed the President of Russia about relations with family and friends. The Director managed to find out that the politician has grown up grandchildren. Mr Putin said that he loves it but he has, unfortunately, not enough time to play with them. Up to this point, Vladimir Putin has never talked about grandchildren. It is known that the President of Russia has two adult daughters. Life President: family photo

Vladimir Putin openly answer any questions posed to him by Oliver stone. Special attention was attracted to the phrase of the President on “bad days,” which caused heated discussion among Network users.

“I’m not a woman, so I don’t have bad days”, – said Vladimir Putin, explaining that he meant “natural cycles” of the fair sex.

It is worth noting that “Interview with Putin” (The Moscow Interviews) represents selections from numerous interviews Oliver stone with the President of Russia. American film Director filmed their meeting with Putin, starting in July 2015. Two years of trips to Russia, the filmmaker was able to record 12 interviews with the head of state, the total length of which thirty hours.

After the premiere in the US film “Interview with Putin” will show in Russia. The first channel acquired the rights to broadcast the movie, which is scheduled for mid-June. Looking forward to the release of the new film about a political leader in the Kremlin.

“We are interested in how Oliver stone put together material,” — said the press Secretary Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, noting that the American film “the man is very unpredictable in terms of creative manifestations.”