Vladimir Putin explained why not use “Instagram”

Владимир Путин объяснил, почему не пользуется «Инстаграмом» On Friday, the President met with children from all over Russia. The dialogue of Vladimir Putin with students is webcast live. One of the young participants of the conversation asked the President, whether it comes in the social network after work.
Владимир Путин объяснил, почему не пользуется «Инстаграмом»

21 July Vladimir Putin visited the educational center “Sirius” located in Sochi. The head of state entered into a dialogue with gifted students from 83 regions of Russia to answer their questions.

One of the young participants of the conversation, he asked Vladimir Putin about his attitude to social networks. “Do you use them or maybe plan to use? Does it happen that after a hard working day you come to relax and leaf through the ribbon’s Instagram? Do you watch YouTube?” – asked one young man. Responding to a question, the President laughed.

“I have a difficult work day ends so late, that I was not to “Instagram”. I think, as much as I quickly get to bed, to bed. So honestly, the employees of my office, the administration, of course, very actively use the Internet in all its guises. But I personally almost never use this”, – said Putin.
Владимир Путин объяснил, почему не пользуется «Инстаграмом»

Broadcast presenter Irada Zeynalova noticed that the Network has its own rules of communication and terminology. “If you used whatever you had chosen nickname? Because there are a million accounts, called “Vladimir Putin”, “Real Putin”…” – with these words the woman turned to the President.

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Владимир Путин объяснил, почему не пользуется «Инстаграмом»“I know you have different accounts, about five thousand, I think. Neither one of them I have nothing. What they write on my behalf – it wasn’t me. But I hope nothing bad they’re not writing… This is the first. Second, as for nicknames, it’s a pseudonym, right? I worked in foreign intelligence, and I have used due to technological necessity aliases, but now for me to use a pseudonym – it’s just ridiculous. No nick I would imagine did not choose, but simply under his own name…” –said the head of state.

Vladimir Putin also recalled how he was called during his studies in intelligence. According to the President, he had an alias and dress. “This is a job that requires secrecy,” explained Vladimir Putin.

Some young participants of the dialogue with the head of state decided to find out how he copes with the negativity. Mr Putin said that “the aggression inherent in prehistoric times.” The President has told how he copes with a similar condition.

“The intelligent man and educated, he has less aggression and less ability to suppress. And I am having a stressful situation, I do not like much, but I’ve learned to restrain myself. I think that I do it. And I think that is an advantage. If I have a breakdown it happens sometimes, I’m angry with myself because aggression is a sign of weakness”, – said the President.