Vladimir Putin commented on the rumors about the fabulous riches

Владимир Путин прокомментировал слухи о баснословном богатстве In an interview with Oliver stone, the head of state openly talked about their income. According to Vladimir Putin, he does not have the fabulous tools that he is credited with a number of media. The President says he was surprised by the stories about his wage.
Владимир Путин прокомментировал слухи о баснословном богатстве

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the American Director Oliver stone. In the film, dedicated to the head of the Russian Federation, leader of the movie found out not only the points that relate to his career, but also questioned about his personal life. In an interview with U.S. television leader spoke about how things are going in his family. In addition, the Russian President said, how are his relationships with loved ones.

“First, I have no such riches of which I speak. I remember when he came to Moscow from St. Petersburg, I was shocked and surprised how many rogues are here. Moreover, their behavior was for me so amazing that I couldn’t to this for a long time to get used to. These people have absolutely no restrictions, nothing.

What is oligarchy? This merging of power and money in order to influence the power to influence decisions to continue enrichment. My task was to divide the money and power. I talked about the fact that in 2008, many entrepreneurs whom I had never been acquainted, to my surprise, showed their best qualities. Took on their shoulders a considerable part of the responsibility for the state of their businesses, conservation groups, risked their capital. I hope that in this way we will develop the situation of private business”, – said Putin.

According to the head of state, he owns the wealth which he is credited. We will remind that earlier it became known that Putin has grandchildren grow up. A political leader spoke about the relationship in the family. According to the President, have long had the grandchildren were born.

Vladimir Putin announced the birth of a grandson

“You know, my children, in spite of all the rumors, I live here in Moscow. And grandchildren I have. My daughter doing science, education, stay out of the politics. As for the grandchildren, who already goes to kindergarten. I don’t want to grow up “princes of blood”, I want normal people grew up,- admitted Vladimir Putin. I say age, name, how they will be identified. I feel good, I ask to understand me correctly. The second grandson was born recently”.