Vladimir Putin, Basta, SHAMAN, Olga Buzova — the Russians named the TOP most “liked” people We were talking about the most recognizable people on social networks.

Vladimir Putin, Basta, SHAMAN, Olga Buzova — the Russians named the TOP most “ So, specialists from the Laboratory of Sociological Expertise at the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted a study among active users of social networks. Respondents were asked the open-ended question “Who do you consider the most recognizable, popular and most liked figure in Russia.”

The survey was conducted from February 29 to March 6, 2024 on a certified online panel of respondents. Experts surveyed 500 people over 18 years of age in 67 regions of our country. The respondents could indicate any real person, but only one. According to the study, the majority of social network users indicated Vladimir Putin. It was mentioned by 61% of respondents. Second place with 5% was taken by rapper Basta.

Also among the mentioned figures were the following media persons: SHAMAN and Yegor Creed (3% each), Olga Buzova, Oksana Samoilova and Klava Koka (2% each), and Elon Musk (3%) . The Russians also noted Philip Kirkorov, Elvira Nabiullina and Tucker Carlson – they scored less than 2%.

Earlier, analysts of the social network VKontakte listed the most “liked” bloggers – they turned out to be Dasha Doshik, Karina Cross and Dima Maslennikov. According to experts, the most liked age group in Russia remains youth (users 16-24 years old), and the most popular days in terms of the number of likes are January 1, September 1 and March 8. Traditionally, the most generous with likes are women – 61%, men are more restrained – 39%. Residents of Moscow – 14.2% and St. Petersburg – 10% like content the most on social networks.

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