Vladimir Putin announced the birth of a grandson

Владимир Путин сообщил о рождении внука The Russian President told a joyous event. Live Vladimir Putin confessed to the whole country that recently became a grandfather for the second time. The presenters in the Studio were quick to congratulate the head of state.
Владимир Путин сообщил о рождении внука

Today live, Russian President Vladimir Putin answers questions of the citizens of our country. Woman from Kabardino-Balkaria asked how living grandchildren of the head of state. Mr Putin said that his successors, contrary to the many rumors in Moscow – daughters engaged in science and education.

“Direct line” with Vladimir Putin: live stream

The President said that one of the grandchildren goes to kindergarten. However, Mr Putin emphasized that he did not intend to talk much about his family to protect the family from undue public attention. Nevertheless, Putin shared with the whole country that recently became a grandfather for the second time. Leading the live broadcast was quick to congratulate the President on such a significant event in his life.

“You know, my children, in spite of all the rumors, I live here in Moscow. And grandchildren I have. My daughter doing science, education, stay out of the politics. As for the grandchildren, who already goes to kindergarten. I don’t want to grow up “princes of blood”, I want normal people grew up,- admitted Vladimir Putin. I say age, name, how they will be identified. I feel good, I ask to understand me correctly. The second grandson was born recently”.

Also live with the President of Russia touched upon the subject of child birth and the maternity capital. Live showed the hospital in the capital of Bashkortostan Ufa. At the time of filming was born a boy named Misha with a height of 54 cm and a weight of 3.8 kg. Vladimir Putin congratulated the happy father.

A doctor who works in a medical facility, asked whether to continue the program of the parent capital and whether it has spread to the birth of subsequent children. The physician also asked whether to increase the allowance for child care.

The head of state took the initiative to extend the program netcapital, and also to encourage the birth of the first child.