Vladimir Presnyakov was born another child

У Владимира Преснякова родится еще один ребенок
Yesterday, March 29, a popular singer Vladimir Presnyakov turned 49 years old.

У Владимира Преснякова родится еще один ребенок

The singer is not only engaged in a solo performance but is also involved in the filming and voice acting cartoons.

Vladimir is happily married with Natalia Podolskaya, the couple has a teenage son Artemy.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to explore the life code of the singer.

“Vladimir was born in “Day observer”, – said the numerologist. His life code – 3811 347 says that he is the bearer of the sign of renown and very artistic people. The man has hypnotic powers – his voice is able to charm others. He is a very lucky man and a hard worker, to go on stage will to a ripe old age. Presnyakov practical person and knows how to count money, he’d make a great businessman. If an artist decides to join the ranks of entrepreneurs, the perfect time to start new activities the next year.”

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