Vladimir Presnyakov told how fatherhood changed him

Владимир Пресняков рассказал, как его изменило отцовство

Soon Artem Presnyakov will celebrate its first birthday. In June a child turns 1 year. For the parents of the boy that time flew by. In communication with journalists, the Pope Artemia Vladimir Presnyakov decided to tell what feelings and emotions in his heart when he spends time with his son.

So, Vladimir admitted that the birth of a son turned his life upside down. Despite the fact that the artist already has an older son Nikita, Artem and he’s come back he studied to be a parent. Presnyakov said that it awakened a sense of responsibility and desire to be with my son every minute, to give him the best: “I have not changed much, lost the boyish, but now I keenly feel the responsibility, became more collected. Any free minute I spend with the Subject”.

By his own admission, a musician teaches his son to love life and wants to teach him lots of things: scuba diving, playing guitar, and more.

Vladimir also said that they Temko with Natalia not limited to planning, and already working hard to dilute the men’s Kingdom little Princess-daughter.


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