Владимир Пресняков-старший вышел на связь после инфаркта Recently the media reported about the hospitalization of the musician. Presnyakov-the senior a few days in one of capital clinics. A few hours ago Vladimir Petrovich got in touch with the fans.
Владимир Пресняков-старший вышел на связь после инфаркта

How found the journalists, Vladimir Petrovich Presnyakov’s already a few days in cardioblate one of the capital’s hospitals after infracta. The doctors were able to stabilize the condition of the musician.

Presnyakov-the senior has decided to publish a post in one of social networks. The artist himself spoke of feeling.

“My dear friends and girlfriends! It so happened that I had a heart attack! Well, what happened happened, and now the lovely doctors did everything necessary and I much better! I am very touched by your very warm attitude to me and your well wishes! But believe me, it became hard to read hundreds and hundreds of your letters and I read them… I called many journalists with mournful voices, I guess many will disappointed to hear my cheerful voice… Anticipating their essays on the free theme… willing to read only one, with delicate alias Gubkin… Life goes on, my dear, and I her party! With love to all of you! Your Petrovich!” – said the musician.

The artist’s fans responded to his post. “Well, Vladimir Petrovich! Grieve not us!” “Dear, wonderful Vladimir! Get well quick! Angels to help! Pray for you!”, “Health to you, dear!” noted fans.

Владимир Пресняков-старший вышел на связь после инфаркта

Earlier a press-the Secretary of the son of the artist, Presnyakov Jr., Anna Isaeva has informed journalists that Vladimir Petrovich really had been hospitalized with a heart attack in one of Moscow cardiologic centres. According to the representative, the status of the artist improved and he got better.

“The doctors are very helpful. We are very grateful to them. I hope that everything will be fine. About the extract we don’t know, he is still treated, but now we all calmed down,” – said Isayev.

It should be noted, Presnyakov-senior maintains an active lifestyle, loves football, is a permanent member of the club stars of Russia “the Artist.” Despite the enthusiasm for sports, a musician is the community of beer lovers. In late March, the actor turned 72 years old.