Владимир Пресняков-старший: «Сын видел в Орбакайте лишь домохозяйку» The musician told about his own child who is now 50 years old. “StarHit” asked Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior about the epochal events in the life of Vladimir Presnyakov-younger.
Владимир Пресняков-старший: «Сын видел в Орбакайте лишь домохозяйку»

About childhood

“When the boy was born, told me… mother-in-law. Then, because there was no phone, and find out the sex of the child was impossible, and she woke me this morning and said, “you Have a son!” Lena wanted to give me a present on birthday (from Petrovich, affectionately known as the Presnyakov-the senior friends, it is March 26. – Ed.), even cried a bit that didn’t work, had a couple of days to wait. We celebrate our birthdays together – rather in the birthday of Volodya.

If we invested in the son? This is because you need to be very careful, trembling over him, and we didn’t do so, because all the time on the road! Very bored, but even more he missed, was waiting for us from some of the trips. I was 22 when I became a father, then it was the Soviet time and it was impossible to say: “I’m not going to tour.” So most of the time the son spent with grandma and grandpa.

I always wanted Volodya to become a musician – it stemmed from the tree of our family. I was able to learn that the grandfather was a musician, then grandfather, then the mother. When Nikita began to get involved with something else, I seriously spoke with him, explained that we all studied music, said, “And suddenly you all stop running?” He told me: “No, I seriously do!”

Владимир Пресняков-старший: «Сын видел в Орбакайте лишь домохозяйку»“Our relations with Volodya are built on friendship, we never even swore never. Yes, something was in his Teens, when he said, “I myself”, but quickly got over it, realized that can I get a good tip. And I realized that it is better to be a father, a mentor and a friend. Now Volodya I often call, every new song shows – I have it all the time praise, I like what he’s doing.”

About the passion of music

“Musical talent in him woke up early. First, he wrote a song about a cat about the house… And then, at the age of 11, wrote “snow White”. Then I was going to compose, came to us Sautkin (songwriter Valery Sautkin. – AVT.), we left the text at the piano and went to drink tea. Suddenly heard someone singing high, quickly went into the room and Volodya ran away, scared. I never scolded him, even asked him to repeat it in the end, he wrote that already and I didn’t have to do anything. By the way, that’s when I said to him, “Now you’re Presnyakov-younger.”

Group “Cruise” Volodya began performing in 1980 when he was 12 years old. He went on a song or two continued to write songs on the poems by different poets. When the “Cruise” began to gain popularity, they took him with them on tour, even some money was given. It money is easy, like Lena: Yes, they – well, no – live. But the first apartment he bought with my money. By the way, the son I never asked for. But, remember, as a child, when he was ten, he asked for a motorcycle, I’ve promised it…”.

Владимир Пресняков-старший: «Сын видел в Орбакайте лишь домохозяйку»“In 18 years he began to collect sports palaces… Now Volodya realizes that much has done and is doing, works, popular. To all colleagues is very good, he plays this type of music this is another, someone even mother and son just doing his job, and he like best. He was true to himself, to adapt to the youth audience wants, but at the same time does not stand still, constantly working in the Studio, is new songs, tracks music news”.

About my personal life

“Volodya says that with Christina Aguilera have failed because he then for the rest of her didn’t understand, thought his wife should be at home to guard the hearth. Christina is also actively engaged in artistic activities, they for this reason began differences. But they remained friends, not hurt each other. Now he changed his mind, said that you can not restrict the wife, if she has the creativity and desire, it is not necessary to interfere. We have good relations with Natasha Podolskaya, it is very pleasant, quiet. The important thing is that anything he does not reproach, but only supports. They are at home constantly kidding, have fun and kid have the same fun!”

Владимир Пресняков-старший: «Сын видел в Орбакайте лишь домохозяйку»

About the grandson of Artemia

“Now Volodya more serious father, who holds by Artemy lot of time. When Nikita was born, he was young, plus he was an active touring schedule, and now Volodya devotes himself to the family. Artemiy very funny, recently congratulated me on my recent birthday. About the character while hard to say, but he’s so funny, so moving. Just like Vladimir, which is still active and cheerful. I would compare it with a cat, myself, the same fluffy, affectionate, just like Sylvester in “performance” Tabakov”.

Владимир Пресняков-старший: «Сын видел в Орбакайте лишь домохозяйку»“Dylan knows how to make friends, at the time, they have formed a company: it, Anton Tabakov, Fedor Bondarchuk. So they grew up together, and each to achieve something in his career. And stayed together. He’s in the friendship is permanent, faithful and honest. His friend may be a stagehand, and those who began work many years ago.”

About the future

“How I see the future Volodya? I think that he will continue to work on, to do their job. In this we are similar, we love to drift, not to set specific goals, then achieve them. I have such people with an active lifestyle I avoid, they are all troubles. And the opposite: unlike me, because im too lazy to do mischief”.