Владимиру Преснякову-старшему запретили выезжать за границу после инфаркта His son told how the father feels. Recent heart attack, Vladimir Presnyakov scared family. Now all plan to send the artist to the resort, as the doctors still forbade him long flights.
Владимиру Преснякову-старшему запретили выезжать за границу после инфаркта

Some time ago, Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior was in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. The whole family is very worried for the musician. Recently he was discharged and now he is under the supervision of the spouse of Elena’s house. Presnyakov will rehabilitation.

“Dad two and a half days passed with a heart attack. What happened to him, of course scared. But it is a miracle that our family has real friends, which in this case has harnessed and helped him! If they do not, it could happen the worst,” said his son Vladimir.

Wife Presnyakov-Junior Natalia Podolskaya helped to cook food for her father. “I’m not done, it is normal that when someone of a family member is sick and, God forbid, gets to the hospital, take care of family. Food for Vladimir Petrovich was supposed to be diet, so I cooked the meatballs for a couple. I must say that it a couple of times I wasn’t even allowed to bring him anything, because besides me, there were many willing to feed him,” said the singer.

Soon the leader of the band “Gems” to restore health and not to burden themselves speaking. First, loved ones wanted to send him abroad to rest, but the doctors did not recommend the artist to fly.

“We’re going to send him to a sanatorium. Still don’t know what level it is. I had to take to Spain, but he now can’t fly. So this resort will be somewhere here. In General, for him and my home is a true resort, because we live out of town, I plan to get him to us!” said Presnyakov-younger.

The famous musician loves his grandson. According to Presnyakov-younger, communicating with a boy is the best medicine for him. “Daddy is madly in love with him. We told him every day sent some video. The subject line says: “Dedushka, dedushka, I love you!” So for the father not to worry, thank God, all is well!” – the actor told “Interlocutor”.