Vladimir Presnyakov saved his son from the insidious disease

Владимир Пресняков спас сына от коварного недуга
The singer found for Nikita unique remedy for colds.

Nikita Presnyakov

Photo: Instagram

Nikita Presnyakov admitted to fans that the album
over which the singer worked the last four years, in jeopardy. “This
classic I! — complains artist. Got to finish a couple of tracks and album
ready, but got sick! The ligaments seem to end!” Nikita’s Father — Vladimir Presnyakov —
immediately advised his son against the cold, which quickly put him
to his feet. “Try this, really helps!” Subscribers microblog Nikita
wished him good health and have advised a great number of folk
ways of dealing with illness. However, Nikita decided to listen to the father and
bought what helps his father.

It is worth noting that now many artists due to stress and
Christmas hours are often victims of insidious viruses. Fighting
celebrities with a sore throat and a stuffy nose different. Some people prefer
tea with lemon and honey, someone adheres strictly to the recommendations of doctors, but
perhaps the most original way to deal with these kind of ailments
shared Victoria Makarska. The singer is sure that often the disease can be overcome
only one… willpower!

“I woke up absolutely protoganda, cough, sore throat
and a horrible migraine — not so long ago told the singer. — Speech at the very
responsible concert to cancel does not. And suddenly I came up with
thought: “You know that the Spirit controls the body. Believe it!” Through the pain
got up, asked God for help, and told the body: “You, a favorite, come urgently
get well soon! You have a few hours.” Even if skeptical to call it
auto-suggestion, the fact remains a fact: the Soul can control the body. Each
cell and every atom of our body! And the word is the most powerful energy in
world. I’m not sick anymore, Thank God!”.