Vladimir Presnyakov: “Now I want a daughter”

Владимир Пресняков: «Теперь хочу дочку» My interview with the famous musician about the rules of a happy marriage. Vladimir Presnyakov told about the upbringing of young Artemia, the relationship with his beloved wife and the sense of responsibility.

      Владимир Пресняков: «Теперь хочу дочку»

      When I ask Vladimir Presnyakov to find the five differences between what it was 30 years ago while participating in a children’s film “over the Rainbow”, and today’s well-known singer and musician, he immediately says: “I became more responsible, because before there was no tower. Friends remembers my quirks and approaches. And now I say: you have a son, you must guard it.”

      Two sons, Volodya.

      – Yes, just Nikiton already great, but the Subject was just 10 months. I recently had a funny case. Stopped a traffic COP and in response to my “let go” says, “get out of the car, the chief wants to talk with you”. Fit, and there sits a COP with such a belly that it actually presses on the steering wheel. “Well, you know?” asks. I nod and start bitching: “let Go please, we’re late”. “Learn, learn, – he smiles, – you know – let go.” I said, “Well don’t torment me, I don’t remember”. “Well, I’m Leszek-breaker, we once on the Arbat danced together. Forgot that you?”

      Vladimir Presnyakov: “I Now live the son”

      – Your marriage with Natalia Podolskaya for many years. The main rules of a happy family life okay?

      – On the day of the wedding, the lady who registered us said: women love flowers not only on special occasions. And more words every day. They any noodles will forgive, if present beautifully. And the wife has to constantly praise her husband. And it’s the absolute truth. We are Part of Wake up, and most importantly for me – to see her smile. Nothing better can not be, and now even the laughter of a baby increased.

      Владимир Пресняков: «Теперь хочу дочку»

      – I read that you attended the birth, and then up at the slightest cry Artemia.

      – Now we have the record, we sleep ten hours, and the day begins at five in the morning.

      – But Topics teething – enters the conversation Natalia Podolskaya, and in the night he cries dramatically. I pick up out of the crib, rocking, and Volodya this makes me laugh. Sweet yawns, rolling from side to side and said, “Yes, teeth, teeth”.

      – I, Andrew, began to ask: “Let him in your room will transfer”.

      – Came from afar, laughs Natasha, – cautiously asked: “When will the Subject move?” Say: “until Theme is not going to move”.

      Natalia Podolskaya: “After the hysterics he said change the tickets. Fly to son”

      Владимир Пресняков: «Теперь хочу дочку»

      I heard Nikita loves baby brother.

      – Nikiton filmed when we took the Subject home, and immediately took him in his arms. And then said to his girlfriend Alena, he wants to make exactly the same. Calls him Heiskanen.

      “Yes,” confirmed Nikita Presnyakov, kid’s constantly laughing. And he had red hair like my dad, his nose out. I’m working on the trampoline, I want to dive into parkour and am very grateful to father that I was a month old was not, and he found this baby bag is a backpack and in London (I was born there) chasing me on a motorcycle. This is such an extreme life! In six years put me on skis, in thirteen on the snowboard. My childhood I liked the fact that I’m not sat there, traveled a lot while my parents had joint tours. And every day we woke up in some other city or country. Didn’t even know where I was, but it was very interesting. Music and perfectionism from my father and grandfather. When you start to work on music, then go deep so that you can a week to sit with a guitar at the computer.

      Владимир Пресняков: «Теперь хочу дочку»

      – You know your dad wants you to have a sister.

      – Well, – says Nikita.

      – We will work on this, – smiles Natalia Podolskaya.

      Владимир Пресняков: «Теперь хочу дочку»

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