Vladimir Presnyakov has shown a newborn baby

Владимир Пресняков показал новорожденного малыша The singer posted a touching family photo. The artist has not explained, whom he has a baby in the picture. However, fans immediately suggested that Vladimir Presnyakov again became the father, or grandfather.
Владимир Пресняков показал новорожденного малыша

Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya is considered one of the strongest pairs of domestic show-business. The couple have been together for more than ten years, and often share touching photos of the joint. However, the last post men in Instagram surprised many of his fans. In the picture the artist captured with his wife and newborn baby.

“It’s happiness”. – signed frame singer.

Presnyakov has not explained, whom he has a child in the picture. That’s why the fans began to speculate about the family ties of Vladimir and the baby. Many of them suggested that Natalia Podolskaya gave her husband another heir. There were those who congratulated Presnyakov with the fact that he became a grandfather. His son Nikita last summer married a longtime sweetheart Allen.

However, the artist himself has so far refrained from comment. His post caused a very violent reaction among fans. Admirers Presnyakov hastened to congratulate him on his possible addition to the family.

“This grandson has appeared, sweetheart,congratulations to the whole family! Happy Easter to you! Favorite singers”, “congratulations! A boy or a girl?”, “You look just like dad! Congratulations,” wrote fans of Vladimir.

The wife of the artist Natalia Podolskaya is also not in a hurry to comment on the situation. By the way, recently the singer was suspected of pregnancy. However, the young woman was quick to refute such speculation. She stressed that the dream once again to become a mother, but until the completion of the family remains in the plans.

Moreover, she was hurt that bad photo has fueled speculation about the pregnancy. A young woman tries to follow the figure, and therefore often chooses a slinky, sexy outfits, accentuating the perfect curves of her body.

In the end, many fans of the star couple agreed that the photo is old, and it depicts the son of actors Artemia. Now the boy is two years, and parents are happy to share news about the achievements and successes of the son. Vladimir does not get tired to emphasize that later fatherhood helped him change the Outlook on life, and support Natalia helps him to cope with any challenges.