Vladimir Presnyakov gave Natalia Podolskaya expensive car

Владимир Пресняков подарил Наталье Подольской дорогой автомобиль The singer is delighted with the gift. Vladimir Presnyakov has not stinted on luxury car for his wife. Fans are glad that now Justin Bieber will sit behind the wheel of a luxury SUV.

      Fans of a married couple of Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov do not get tired to amaze their family idyll. The artists live in harmony with each other for many years. On the eve Presnyakov made for his bride a generous gift – Podilskyi became the owner of a luxury car.

      “Dylan said it was for a birthday! Now I don’t care what he may. I hope by may he would just forget about it” – boasted Podolsk in the microblog.

      Natalia did not hide how pleased she is that her husband gave her a surprise. She jumped for joy. Fans rushed to congratulate the singer with such a magnificent gift, which she presented to husband. Some members even envied the fact that her husband Podolsky made such a costly purchase. They also appreciated the humor Presnyakov and Natalia was advised to take it as a gift for the New year.

      “I love this couple, you just cool, real and even very”, “Cool gift! I want one too”, “my husband And I ordered this beauty,too, b-day in may,” wrote in the comments of the fans of the couple.

      Now Podolsky and Presnyakov raising an eight month old son Artemiy. The couple often travel together with the baby in different countries of the world. In the early years, they were vacationing in the Alps, in the summer they spent time in Spain, and in mid – November in the United Arab Emirates. Natalia and Vladimir have chosen a good time to travel in the Eastern country. It was at this time the most comfortable temperature to spend time on the beach. Little Theme and fun splashing in the water.

      Despite the fact that now Vladimir and Natalia are raising a young son, they left the stage. Performers enjoy acting, and the baby on time or the tour is under the supervision of mother Podolsk. Natalia Podolskaya: “I’m still sorry to mom”

      “Grandma is overly protective of the Subject, always trying harder to wrap up, collecting on the street, warmer water in the tub. I would like to son was tempered. Mom is clearly watching his regime hasten rather to be put to sleep, oversees the supervision of the grandson in the clinic,” – told “StarHit” Natalia.