Владимир Познер рассказал, ради кого его «бросила» третья жена
As a TV host recovers?

Vladimir Pozner and Nadezhda Solovieva


Vladimir Pozner, like all the inhabitants of the metropolis, every day is going through serious stress. What helps the presenter to regain strength after hard work and many hours of filming? The answer to this question was made at the meeting Posner with like-minded people. He said that to live in harmony, it helps reading, watching movies, and… cooking.

Posner, however, stands up to the plate not so often — mostly during his wife’s departure. Recently, for example, Nadezhda Soloveva left her husband for the concert Zemfira in Kazan. “I like to cook. Now you come home – no one, my wife I was “dumped” and left with Zемфирой in Kazan. Not literally thrown. Now I come home and cook dinner. I already know what I’ll make. I love to do,” said Posner.

In addition, the TV presenter loves to play great tennis: he appears on the court three times a week. But in a fitness center Vladimir Vladimirovich goes rather on duty. “I still have the screen look more or less decently. Well then girls sometimes look too nice…” — said Posner.

Recall that the third wife, the journalist came together in 2008, having gone through a painful divorce with Catherine Orlova. With her, he was married for 37 years.