Vladimir Pozner rebelled against taffy

Владимир Познер восстал против ТЭФИ The presenter urged the organisers to abandon the name and award statuette “Orpheus”, created by Ernst Neizvestny. According to Vladimir Posner, the practice is now a procedure for the selection of winners has nothing to do with democracy, which he once guaranteed the well-known sculptor.
Владимир Познер восстал против ТЭФИ

The night before, in Moscow was held the ceremony of TEFI – the “Oscar” in the world of Russian television. After some time presenter Vladimir Pozner has expressed disagreement with the order of the event and published an open letter, the Industrial Committee, which conducts the awards.

The award TEFI turned into a scandal

The journalist believes that the selection of the award winners is undemocratic. According to Posner, in this situation he promised the sculptor Ernst Neizvestny to do everything so that awards were no longer awarded. Mr Putin asked the organizers to change his concept.

“Ladies and gentlemen! I appeal to you with a request to refrain in the future from the delivery of the sculptures of Ernst Neizvestny “Orpheus” to the winners of your contest and also to give up the name of “taffy,” said Posner.

For over a dozen years, Vladimir Putin headed the Russian television Academy, established in 1994. The journalist stressed that the election of the President passed by democratic – they were attended by all members of the organization. According to Posner, her best years were the first for eight years, but during this time the accumulated discontent of the founders, whose nominees are less likely to have received the coveted award than they would like.

Владимир Познер восстал против ТЭФИ“I would like to remind those who don’t know, and those who have forgotten, what with all the rough edges and shortcomings of the competition “TEFI” selection of finalists and winners of the contest were absolutely democratic: it was attended by all the members of the Academy, each decided for himself, in the discussion of any nominations he wants to attend, and choosing the winners was attended by all, without exception, the members of the Academy. The election of finalists and winners was secret,” said the presenter.

Posner said that the award “used the prestige” and gave the winners of the “true joy”. Gradually, however, competition began to “lose its significance and events significant to the culture of the country has become secondary.”

In 2013 was formed the Industrial Committee, which was carried out taffy, replacing the Academy of Russian television. It happened reminds Posner, on the initiative of the media Manager and statesman Mikhail Lesin.

“This competition in its current form, differs from the former in principle. First, in the IR consists of only seven founders – exactly half of what it was in the Academy. Second, the drastically reduced number of professional categories, behind left a number of professions, without which it is simply no television. Thirdly – and most importantly “choose the finalists and winners are not members of the Russian television Academy, and appointed by management IK “jury” (in the past 20 men from each of the founder),” said the presenter.

According to Posner, last year the winners were selected by 70 people, 10 judges from each member.

“Each of them voted on all the nominations at once, regardless of their professional expertise. In the selection of the winners was attended by only 14 people – 2 from each of the founder”, – said the journalist.

In addition, the Industrial Committee and the Russian television Academy made the Protocol on which the previous award had to be members of the founders Committee in exchange for a temporary assignment of use of the brand TEFI and sculpture by Ernst Neizvestny. “This was not fulfilled,” – said Posner.

As suggested by Vladimir Putin, all of them of the above arguments, the proof that the procedure of taffy “has nothing to do with democratic choice.” Posner believes that he must fulfill the promise of the Unknown. In the conclusion of his address the moderator stressed that it is not going to quarrel with the Industrial Committee.

“And the last: I would like to join with you in conflict, I, as you can see, everything laid out very carefully and precisely, trying not to offend anyone. I would like to solve everything peacefully. But just in case, be aware that the statue of Orpheus is the legal property of the Russian television Academy, as well as the name “taffy”, as evidenced by the existing contract, signed by Ernst Neizvestny, the General Director of the Russian television Academy R. I. Careless and me,” – said Posner.