Vladimir Pozner lost brother

Владимир Познер потерял брата The famous TV presenter is facing severe loss. Yesterday morning died from cancer of his younger brother Paul. According to friends of the family, he has long fought for life, but the disease was stronger.

      Владимир Познер потерял брата

      Brother Vladimir Pozner Paul died on the 72 th year of life. According to friends of the family, he has long struggled with cancer. However, the cancer was stronger, and on Tuesday morning he was gone. Paul will be buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow next to his parents.

      Posner, Jr. his entire life was devoted to history. He was a leading researcher of the Institute of Oriental studies. The historian worked in the Department of comparative culture. Paul has specialized in the history of Vietnam and knew the language of this country. He is the translator of one of the three national Chronicles, the underlying Vietnamese historiography.

      Paul and Vladimir Pozner in 2005 opened a French restaurant, Chez Géraldine of the artist in memory of his mother Geraldine. According to brothers, it was a lunch cheaper than any other establishment on this street. Also relatives own School of television skill on Malaya Dmitrovka street.

      However, Vladimir and Paul were never very similar. The younger brother has always been humble and not chasing expensive cars and accessories. “I have all the easier: I go on the “Lada-coupe’ 12 models for $ 10K. I think that to jump above their heads and someone to prove something with the steepness of your car – there is no expediency,” said Paul in an interview.

      Despite the fact that the wider public mladsi Posner was not very well known, he was respected and appreciated in the world of historians. Paul was never afraid of comparisons with his brother. “When I was just entering into life, in his 23 years, he 34 was already an accomplished journalist. Of course, I’m in the shade. Today because Vova – the person public, and I’m not. But in my profession, I am not less well-known than Dylan – in his” – said Posner.

      Family and friends I Express my deepest condolences to Vladimir Pozner and his family in connection with the death of the native person.

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